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  • We would like to welcome you to New Century International Elementary School for the 2020-2021 school year! The international theme offers students, staff, parents, and our community a knowledge of other world regions and cultures. It also provides an awareness of international and global issues, skills to work effectively in cross-cultural environments, the ability to communicate in a second language, and mutual respect for other cultures and people. This learning is integrated throughout the curriculum and in all subject areas as we follow the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. We are committed to preparing students to meet the challenges of a global society through 21st century technology in all classrooms, international faculty members on grade level teams, and providing highly qualified  21st century professionals in every classroom. Our staff is second to none and we know you will be extremely proud of the dedication and commitment they bring to New Century. We invite you to be active participants in your children’s education and hope you will join our staff in continuing the standard of excellence we have set for our school. Together we will ensure success for every child who enters our door.

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