Definitions of Policies and Regulations

  • Policies are principles and guidelines adopted by the Board in support of school system goals and guide administrative decisions.  Policies convey standards and set parameters for compliance with legal requirements. They are broad enough to indicate a line of action to be taken by the administration in meeting a number of day-to-day problems; they need to be narrow enough to give the administration clear guidance.  The definition of policies is expanded to include the following:

    • All edicts of the state (even though regulations) are considered a mandated Board policy.
    • All agreements signed through contract (even though regulations)  are considered a mandated Board policy.
    • Where the Board has written regulations in particularly sensitive areas and has incorporated them into policy, the entire statement is presented as policy.

    Regulations are detailed guidelines developed by the administration within the parameters established by policies.  The Superintendent is empowered with the authority to establish and modify administrative regulations without prior approval of the Board.

Notebooks labeled with Policies and Procedures