Meet the Teams

  • Exceptional Children's Staff Located at Central Services
    Fax:(910) 678-2620

Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Pamela Adams-Watkins Executive Director (910) 678-2440
Jeanette Mason Administrative Assistant (910) 678-2440
Theresia Mask Finance Manager (Finance Bldg.) (910)678-2435

  • Exceptional Children's Staff Located at the EC Instructional Building

Name Title Phone Email
Cicely Covington Instructional Specialist ID-Mild / Sep /HS OCS & SLD/Resource/HS (910)484-3391
Christie Lockhart Instructional Specialist: Autism Specialist, /Separate/Elem (910)484-3391
Alison McNeill Autism Specialist/Separate/Secondary (910)484-3391
Regina Eason Instructional Specialist: Hearing Impairment & Visual Impairment (910)484-3391
Cathy Salas Instructional Specialist: Resource/ General Education-Elementary (910)484-3391
Kristina McCain Instructional Specialist: SLD/ Resource /General Education & ID-Mild Instructional Specialist / Middle School (910)484-3391
Valerie Hagans Instructional Specialist: ID-Mild / Separate/Elem (910) 484-3391
Jennifer Logan Instructional Specialist: Serious Emotional Disability /Sep/Elem (910)484-3391
John McMillan Program Coordinator (910)484-3391
Renee Gowans-Boyd Behavior Support Specialist (910)484-3391
Kelli Howle Data Analysis Specialist (910)484-3391
June Cass Compliance Specialist (910)484-3391
Candi Ellis Compliance Monitor (910)484-3391
Sherrie Gibbs Compliance Monitor (910)484-3391
Kelli Howle Compliance Monitor (910)484-3391
Kendra Adams Instructional Specialist: Intellectual Disability (Moderate/Severe) (910)484-3391
Antoreya Scott PBIS District Coach/Behavior Support (910)484-3391
Krystyna Stern Transition Community-Based Lead Coach (910)484-3391
Sylvia Mack Lead Physical Therapist (910)484-3391
Tammy Linnen Lead Occupational Therapist (910)484-3391
Rachel Velazquez Secretary (910)484-3391
James Banks Instructional Specialist-SED Middle/High (910) 484-3391
Robert Blount EC General Ed Specialist HS (910)484-3391
Helen Davis Data Manager (910) 678-2430
Deborah Banks Data Manager (910)678-2437

  • Exceptional Children's Staff Located at ERC Speech Department

Name Tilte Phone Email
Jenna Estep Speech & Language Impairment Specialist (910)484-3119
Heidi Berryhill Secretary/Speech Data Manager (910)678-2753

  • Exceptional Children's Staff Located at ERC Early-In Special Education Department
    Fax:(910) 484-6959

Name Title Phone Email
Sean Brost Program Specialist (910)484-6761
Selina Puryear Pre-K Data Manager (910)484-6761

  • Jack Britt High School Exceptional Children's Office

Name Title Phone Email
Kathryn Whisnant Academic & Intellectual Gifted Diagnostician (910)429-2800

  • Mary McArthur Elementary Audiology Clinic

Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Cynthia Brown Audiologist (910) 491-9880
Renee' Cherbonneau Administrative Assistant (910) 491-9880