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  • Students drop out of school for reasons such as pregnancy, parenting, work, caring for a relative, missing too many days of school, the work is too hard, lack of motivation, and boredom.  The vast majority will not become professional athletes, will not win the lottery, and will not receive a large inheritance from a rich family member.  For most, education is the bridge between the life you have and the life that you want.

    Dropout Prevention/Driver’s License Legislation (August 1, 1998)

    The Dropout Prevention/Driver’s License legislation reflects a coordinated statewide effort to motivate and encourage students to complete high school.  The revocation of a student’s driving permit or license will result if a student does not make adequate progress in school or if he/she drops out of school.

    Annual Dropout Reports:

    Annual dropout reports inform education professionals about the numbers and rates of dropouts and the reasons for dropping out. Dropout counts and rates are disaggregated by LEA, grade, gender, and ethnicity.