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Military Connection - Family Support
  • The Cumberland County Schools (CCS) serves the third largest concentration of military-connected students in the world. The CCS and the local military installations of Ft. Liberty and Pope Air Field, as well as statewide installations, and the North Carolina National Guard and Reserve components have enjoyed a strong history of positive relationships built on service and collaboration. The positive relationship between the CCS and the military helps ensure that student needs are identified and addressed, resulting in high-quality service for these students. The relationship shared between the entities has allowed the CCS to work in a progressive way by thinking forward and helping identify trends and targets that reveal areas of need.

    Military Family and Youth Liaison (MFYL)

    This full-time position was designed to assist military families with needs as they relate to deployment and relocation. The MFYL coordinates and supports efforts to: assess needs, build awareness of resources, and connect those with needs to support solutions. The liaison role provides a connection between families with needs and possible solutions.

    The stress placed on families in the midst of relocation or the deployment of a family member can be overwhelming. Support for these families can come from many places, some military-affiliated as well as non-military sources. The MFYL works with agencies and organizations, military and civilian, in our area to help ensure a network of support is in place when needed. The MFYL works with various departments within the Cumberland County Schools to produce materials and programs targeting military families.

    Military and Family Life Counselors (MFLC)
    The services of the Military and Family Life Counselors (MFLC) are provided to military-connected students through a partnership between Cumberland County Schools and Fort Bragg. The MFLCs are Masters and Ph.D. level consultants specializing in child and youth behavioral issues. MFLCs provide solution-oriented, problem-solving support to military students, to their family members, and to other teachers and adults who support them. Counselors can help people who are having trouble coping with concerns and issues of daily life. MFLC’s are assigned to select schools with a high ratio of military-dependent students.  For a listing of MFLC assignments, contact a Fort Bragg School Liaison Officer at 910-432-1008.

    *Duty to warn does apply in cases of threat to self, others, and any reportable abuse issues.

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