Equity-Focused Professional Development

  • One of the teacher-facilitators, Jemn Hershberger, with her studentsIn the interest of growing the capacity of teachers and staff, Cumberland County Schools offers a cluster of equity-based professional development courses that can be taken by individuals or delivered in the schools. These courses are presented by a team of exemplary teacher-facilitators who teach a diverse population of students and are consistent in leading their students to success.  They have a passion for equity and social justice and have engendered a culturally sustaining environment in their classrooms. Additionally, this team has received extensive training in cultural proficiency, culturally responsive/sustaining teaching practices, resilience, teaching students who suffer from ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences), and restorative justice.

    Equity-Focused Classroom Management

    • This course takes teachers on in-depth analysis and application of classroom management theory with a focus on Equity in the classroom. Participants explore the influence of race, ethnicity, poverty, differing abilities, and diversity and how these variables impact their classrooms. They learn how to apply resilience theory, Conscious Discipline, behavioral management and the latest discoveries in brain research to create an enjoyable and effective learning environment for all their students. Finally, participants apply their learning to their own classrooms and analyze the impact.
    • When: Summer Session, Session 1, Session 2, Session 3, and Session 4. All sessions are hybrid with online and face-to-face components.
    • Interested CCS personnel may register for Equity-Focused Classroom Management via Unified Talent.

    Teacher-Facilitator, Connie Schafer, working with beginning and experienced teachers Equity-Focused Classroom Management Equity-Focused Classroom Management

    Equity-Focused Best Practices (School-Based)

    • This is a 10-hour course that the Equity teacher-facilitators present for the staff of a school. This training occurs in a series of meetings over the course of the school year. The team presents strategies, tips, and tools for the teachers to use with a focus on that particular school and its students. Principals request the team to come and work with their staff.
    • When: At the principal's request and according to the school's schedule.

    New Teacher Orientation and Make-Up Orientation

    • EFCM teacher-facilitators offer a short presentation within the four-day New Teacher Orientation and the two-day Make-Up Orientation. This presentation touches upon classroom management with an equity lens. For those teachers who are interested in a deeper dive, Equity-Focused Classroom Management is available.
    • When: New Teacher Orientation is held during the second week of August, and Make-Up Orientation is held four times throughout the year for late-hires.

    International Teachers' Workshop

    • This training is hosted by the Beginning Teacher's Support Office and is designed to meet the needs of international teachers brought to the US to teach for Cumberland County Schools. The EFCM team focuses on the specific needs of international teachers with particular emphasis on variations in culture, understanding American students, recognizing and mitigating the stressors that our students face and how to best reach and teach them.
    • When: This is a blended class with face-to-face sessions and an online book study.





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