Student Handbook

  • 2020-2021 Student Handbook



    525 Andrews Road

    Fayetteville, North Carolina 28311

    (910) 488-2384

    Office Hours: 8:00 am -4:00 pm

    School colors: Green and Gold

    Principal David W. Culbreth  

    2019-2020 Student Handbook

    Name: ________________________________________________________________


    The mission of Pine Forest High School is to educate young men and women from diverse backgrounds.  Pine Forest is a team of administrators, teachers, students, staff, and parents

    motivated by a spirit of success.  Through commitment to academic excellence, values, cultural and physical development, our team prepares students for a life dedicated to achievement, leadership, and service to both the local and global communities.

    School Song

    On a hill a lofty majesty

    That towers above the Cape Fear’s flow

    A pine tree sings a song I love

    To storm’s or zephyr’s blow

    Oh! Pine Forest, they name is music

    Thy heart’s pure gold and thy soul’s a flame

    Oh! Pine Forest, thy crown of gladness

    Is sons and daughters who bear high thy name.

    Greetings from Administration

    As your administrators, we take great pride in welcoming you to Pine Forest High School. Our goals for this year are to provide strong instructional leadership, a positive school climate, a safe and orderly environment, and high expectations for all students with a strong academic program. Believing that all students can learn, we are committed to student success. We encourage students and parents to accept ownership in our goals and know that Pine Forest High School exists for you. Please accept our best wishes as we continue our journey towards improvement.

    Parents and students are encouraged to read the handbook carefully.  This handbook will explain the rules and regulations that must be followed at Pine Forest High School. The administration will assume that all students understand the material within this book upon receiving it​. Becoming acquainted with the information contained should prove to be beneficial in that it will develop an informed group with a sense of direction and understanding.


    The Administrative Staff of Pine Forest High School


    David Culbreth Principal
    Juelle McDonald Assistant Principal: 12​th​ Grade
    Laura Moya Assistant Principal: 10​th​ Grade
    Lawrence Smalls Assistant Principal: 11th​ Grade & Athletic Director
    Jeffery Stewart Assistant Principal: 9​th​ Grade


    Student Services

    Brittany Raines Lead Counselor & Guidance Counselor: S – Z
    James Davis Guidance Counselor: A – E
    Brayanna Upthegrove Guidance Counselor: F – L
    Matthew Stoeckley Guidance Counselor: M – R
    Brittney Godwin Counseling Receptionist
    Stacy King Registrar
    Latoya McKoy Social Worker
    Adrienne Smith EC Case Manager
    Nancy Armstrong AIG Consultant
    Brigitte Anderson Career and Technical Education Facilitator
    Carlos Swann Military Student Transition Consultant


    Library Media & Instructional Technology

    Lisa Denton Media Specialist
    Olivia Jones Media Assistant & Attendance Clerk


    Support Staff

    Donna Creedmore Office Manager & Principal’s Secretary
    Beth Maule Bookkeeper
    Amber Columbo Front Desk Receptionist
    Diane Wise Data Manager
    Deputy S. Adam School Resource Officer
    Ricky O’Briant Safe Schools Coordinator
    Lisa Green & Jessica Powell Administrative Assistant for 11​th​ & 12​th​ Grade/ Administrative Assistant to Athletic Director
    Brittany Hauger Administrative Assistant for 9th & 10th Grade/ Transportation
    Pamela Clark Cafeteria Manager


    Department Chairs

    Career and Technical Education   Brigitte Anderson  
    Cultural Arts      
    English   Susan Beard  
    Foreign Language   Coralia Martinico  
    Health & Physical Education   Issac Rancour  
    Mathematics   Renee Gmiter  
    Science   Erica Thames  
    Social Studies   Amanda Hughes  
    Special Education   Cynthia Simmons  


    2020-2021 CCS Traditional School Calendar


    Academic Concerns

    All concerns and questions regarding academics should be directed first to the teacher of the course in which you have concerns. If the concern is not addressed satisfactorily, the concern or question should be directed to the appropriate Assistant Principal. All athletic concerns must be directed to the Athletic Director.  All non-academic concerns should be directed to the student’s grade level administrator or guidance counselor as listed in this document.

    Attendance Policy

    Regular school attendance has a direct positive effect on academic success and achievement. Students who record frequent, excessive absences and tardies limit contact with teachers and the daily instruction which takes place in each classroom. We want each student to be successful in his/her efforts. We believe that regular school attendance makes a significant contribution to the possibility of success. N.C. General Statute #115c-378 requires that students attend school 180 days, unless absence is unavoidable. Compulsory attendance Laws for the State of N.C. apply. Cumberland County Schools Policy requires a student to attend at least ninety percent (90%) of the class time or its equivalent, at the discretion of the principal, in order to receive a passing grade for a course​. A student shall be present at least one-half (50%) of a class period in order to be recorded present for that class.

    In order to be considered in attendance, for administrative purposes, a student must be present in the school for a least one-half of the school day or a place other than the school with the approval of the appropriate school official for the purpose of attending a school activity which has been officially authorized under the policies of the Board of Education. Such activities include field trips, athletic contests, student conventions, musical festivals, or any similar approved activity.

    Excused Absences are as follows:  1. Legitimate Doctor’s note for each day a student is out. 2. Court/Administrative proceedings.  3.  Approved educational opportunities 4. Verified funeral proceedings for immediate family members.

    Notes must be turned in within five days of the student’s absence​.​  No notes will be accepted after a decision has been made on any appeal.  Parents/Guardians are encouraged to keep a copy of all documentation.  The school will not be responsible for providing this second copy. Special documentation should be turned in within 5 days of the student absence.


    The faculty and staff of Pine Forest High School believe participation in athletic competition enhances a student’s opportunities for academic success. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive program of inner-scholastic competition that promotes and compliments academic excellence, personal accountability, and individual/team goal setting.

    Fall Sports:

    Cheerleading, Junior Varsity & Varsity

         Cross Country, both Men’s and Women’s Varsity

         Football, Junior Varsity & Varsity

         Golf, Women’s Varsity

         Soccer, Men’s both Junior Varsity & Varsity

         Tennis, Women’ Varsity

         Volleyball, Junior Varsity & Varsity

    Winter Sports:

         Basketball, Men’s both Junior Varsity & Varsity

         Basketball, Women’s both Junior Varsity & Varsity

         Bowling, Men’s and Women’s Varsity

         Cheerleading, Junior Varsity & Varsity

         Indoor Track, Men’s and Women’s Varsity

         Swimming, Men’s & Women’s Varsity

         Wrestling, Junior Varsity & Varsity

    Spring Sports:

         Baseball, Junior Varsity & Varsity  Softball, Junior Varsity & Varsity

         Track, Men’s and Women’s Varsity

         Golf, Men Varsity

         Soccer, Women both Junior Varsity & Varsity

         Tennis, Men’s Varsity


    The “​Patriot Athletic Conference​” includes:          Cape Fear High School

    E.E. Smith High School

    Douglas Byrd High School

    Gray’s Creek High School

    Overhills High School

    Pine Forest High School

    South View High School

    Terry Sanford High School  Westover High School

    Pine Forest High School Athletic Staff

    Principal: David Culbreth

    Athletic Director: Lawrence Smalls

    Administrative Assistant to the Athletic Director: Lisa Green/Jessica Powell

    1. Medical Examinations​- Each student must receive a physical before he/she will be allowed to begin practice for participation in inter-school athletic contests. Cumberland County policy states no physical can run out during a sports season.
    2. Scholastic requirements​- A student must have passed a minimum load of work during the last semester to be eligible at any time during the next semester. To be eligible for fall and the beginning of winter sports a student must pass a minimum of 3 classes the previous semester. One of these courses must be English. Gradpoint does not count towards eligibility. The student must also be eligible for promotion to the next grade level. To be eligible for the second part of the winter season and the spring season a student must pass of minimum of 3 courses. A student must sign up for a minimum of 3 courses each semester to be eligible.
    3. Birth Certificates​– A copy of each athlete’s birth certificate must be presented to the head coach of each sport.
    4. Age of player​– A student may not participate in athletics if they turn 19 years old on or before August 31 of the current school year.
    5. Conduct​– Drinking, smoking, and possession or use of drugs will not be tolerated. All athletes and parents must sign the High Schools Extra Curricular and Co-Curricular code of Conduct. Athletes are to adhere to these rules and guidelines.
    6. Attendance​– A student must be in attendance for 85% of the time the previous semester to be eligible to participate in fall sports. Students must have been in attendance 85% of the time in the fall semester to participate in winter sports. This equals 13.5 days a semester. Students cannot miss 54 class periods or more (excused or unexcused) in order to be considered eligible.
    7. A student receiving an FF (Failed due to absences) counts as a failing credit for overall athletic requirements.
    8. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA or an overall average of 70%.
    9. Insurance​– The student ​must have insurance coverage​ by one of the following:
      1. School Insurance
      2. Private Insurance
      3. Be a military dependent

    Senior Athletes

    Any senior desiring to participate in sports during the 2020 – 2021 school year cannot take less than four classes unless approved by the Athletic Director.

    Required Athletic Participation Forms

    Google (Arbiter Athlete) – the athlete and parent must create an account and complete all forms that will be approved by the Athletic Director. You can not participate in athletics until all forms are completed on this site.

    This site will be required for all athletes beginning this school year. Athletes must go to this website and fill out all necessary athletic participation forms. Once you enter the website click on Pre-Participation and it will walk you through the process of completing all necessary forms for athletic eligibility.

    NCAA Eligibility Requirements  

    The NCAA has established a central clearinghouse to certify athletic eligibility to Division I and II institutions. Students, who intend to participate with or without a scholarship as a freshman in college, must register with and be certified as eligible by the NCAA Eligibility Center. Please note that the initial eligibility certification pertains only to NCAA requirements for participation in Division I or II athletics and has no bearing on admission to a particular Division I or II institution.  Please note the following:

    • It is best to register at the beginning of your sophomore year.
    • Register online at Eligibility Center For Division III- Contact your Division III College regarding its policies on financial aid, practice and competition.
    • For the latest NCAA Division I or II requirements, go to Eligibility Center.

    Athletic Events

    As stated in our school system’s policy, each student is responsible for his or her own conduct at all school activities such as games, dances, and programs on the campus and away from the campus. With this in mind, we are requesting that students do the following when attending these activities:

    Come on the campus only if you plan to attend the activity; otherwise, there is no reason for your presence at the event.

    Students attending sports activities should report directly to the activity and leave the campus as soon as the activity is over. Do not loiter in and around the gymnasium, school grounds or the parking lots. There will be no loitering in and around the dressing room areas before, during or after contests. These areas are reserved for coaches, players, and officials or other individuals as approved by the principal. ​Anyone found loitering in the building before or after school is subject to receive a “NO TRESPASSING” letter.

    Telephones are not available after athletic contests. Please notify parents before leaving home as to what time they may pick you up. ​Any student not picked up ​for any after school activity within 30 minutes of the completion of the activity will not be allowed to participate in future activities for the remainder of the school-year.

    Also, please be reminded that all other rules and regulations affecting student conduct are in effect at any school connected activity on or off the campus. If a student is suspended from school, he or she is not allowed to attend an athletic event while serving a suspension.

    Tickets can be purchased online at for PFHS athletic events.

    Athletic Signings

    Beginning with the 2020 – 2021 school year, signing days for athletes will no longer occur during the school day. Signing days will occur in November, February, and May scheduled for 1 night each month through Athletic Director Mr. Smalls.


    Books are not to be left in the halls, on top of lockers, in the gym, in the restroom, or in the lunchroom. Books are the responsibility of those students to whom they are assigned. We will adhere to a lost/damage textbook fee policy. ​The only secure place while at school is a locked ​locker. Once a student is issued a book, the book becomes the sole responsibility of the student.

    Book bags

    In an effort to do all that we can to assure the safety of students, we restrict the use of book bags, large purses or other similar items used for transporting books, gym clothes, athletic or band equipment to class ​unless they are clear or mesh.  Absolutely, ​no solid book bags will be allowed. 

    Any solid athletic bag must be kept inside a coaches office or remain within the confinements of a team locker area.  They will not be permitted to be carried around school.

    Purses holding books, notebooks or any other item in similarity will be considered a book bag.

    Students are required to secure valuables in their lockers with a school issued combination lock.

    Any student who refuses to comply with this rule will face disciplinary consequences.

    Bus Transportation

    School buses are a means of transportation provided by the state of North Carolina. Students who ride the bus are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly manner at all times. Students may not ride a bus not assigned to them without the written permission from a school administrator, and those who misbehave on the school bus may be suspended from riding the bus for an indefinite period of time. The administration has the authority to suspend students from the bus for the following infractions to include, but not limited to:

    • Delaying the bus schedule.
    • Fighting, using profanity, smoking, lighting matches or cigarette lighters.
    • Refusing to obey instruction of school authorities to include assignment of seating and noise levels.
    • Tampering with a school bus.
    • Refusing to meet the bus at designated stops.
    • Unauthorized leaving of the bus when traveling from home to school or vice versa.
    • Playing, throwing trash, paper or any other object on the bus.
    • Violation of Cumberland County School Board Rules
    • Entering or leaving the bus through the emergency door or through windows that are to be used only during emergencies.
    • Standing while the bus is in motion
    • Hanging out of windows
    • Standing in seats
    • Refusing to let others sit in authorized seats.
    • Crossing the street at the rear of the bus when entering or leaving the bus.
    • Failing to observe safety rules and regulations.
    • Rude or discourteous conduct
    • The bus stop is part of school property. All students must exit the bus and go home.

    Anything occurring from the bus stop to home may result in disciplinary action.

    • Once the bus has been parked and students have disembarked, the vehicle is off limits for all students until the dismissal bell sounds at the end of the school day. The school bus is not a student lounge or a lunchroom.

    Suspension from the bus may last from one day through the remainder of the school year, depending on the nature of the offenses.  All Pine Forest rules for student behavior apply while riding the bus.

    Pine Forest High is not responsible for lost or stolen items while on the school bus.  It is the student’s responsibility to keep their belongings secure and with them at all times.

    Cumberland County buses have scheduled times of arrival for stops on their routes.  On a normal school day students should allow a 10 to 15 minute leeway before and after their scheduled time of pick up.  Students must be standing at the designated bus stop when the bus arrives.  The driver will not wait for late students.  Please allow more time throughout the school year on inclement weather days or when problems may arise due to mechanical issues.

    Please feel free to call the school if you have any questions.

    Buses are instructed to follow a set schedule.  Students must be at the bus stop within the given window of time and must be on the bus after school no later than five (5) minutes after dismissal in the afternoon.  Students who do not meet this time requirement may be denied access to the bus and have to arrange alternative transportation.

    On a rare occasion, a bus may have to ride a double route.  The school will make every effort to inform parents/guardians if buses are running unusually late.

    **Riding the bus to school is not a right, it is a privilege!**


    There are designated lunch periods.  Students must eat during their designated lunch period. Please observe the following rules while visiting the cafeteria. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

    • All food and drink must be consumed in the cafeteria at a lunch table.
    • Each student will buy his/her own lunch and may buy only one lunch at a time.
    • Students who use free or reduced lunch numbers under false pretenses will be subject to paying for that lunch and may be subject to disciplinary action as well.
    • Everyone must dispose of his/her paper, dishes, eating utensils, trash and trays when he/she has finished eating.
    • Student behavior in the cafeteria should be based on courtesy and cleanliness. Students who do not conduct themselves as such will be subject to loss of privilege and other disciplinary action.
    • Coats, purses, books, cell phones and any item of value should not be left unattended.

    These items should be locked in a student’s personal locker.

    • Students may not jump ahead in a food line to buy food, milk or juice.
    • Horseplay will not be tolerated.
    • Students may not skip in the lunch line for any reason.
    • No prepared restaurant food may be brought on campus during school hours.
    • Parents/Guardians wishing to eat lunch with a student may do so during their child’s assigned lunch period on any school day. Parents may purchase a school lunch or bring a prepared lunch from home; they may not bring restaurant food to the lunchroom. Parents/Guardians must sign in with the main office to receive a visitor’s pass before going to the lunchroom. Parents/Guardians must sit at a separate lunch table with no other students.
    • Students must remain in the lunchroom during their assigned lunch period. They are not allowed to enter the classroom halls or go to their locker.
    • Cell phone use is permitted, but is limited to listening to music with earbuds, texting, and surfing the web for appropriate content. Phone conversations, pictures, and video recordings are prohibited.
    • Students are allowed to eat their lunch in the Trojan Student Lounge. The lounge is a place designed for students to work on school related assignments during their lunch period. However, students must comply with the rules posted in the lounge. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the student not being able to utilize the lounge for the remainder of the school year.
    • Students that eat first lunch should report to their 3rd period class first, unless they attend FTCC.

    Care of School Property

    Responsible students and good citizens need not be reminded that Pine Forest High School has a good school facility that should be respected in every way and kept in top condition.  Defacing or damaging walls, desks, doors, lockers, walkways, books or other school property is a sign of idleness and poor citizenship.  Each year money must be spent to refinish, repair, and replace equipment that has been needlessly damaged by irresponsible persons.  The facility and equipment should be used appropriately and not abused.  At Pine Forest we respect our school and try our very best to see that it is protected from abuse.  Needless to say, anyone who damages or destroys school property will be expected to pay for that property.  According to the seriousness of the offense, additional disciplinary action may be taken.


    Students who arrive to school after 8:30 a.m. must report directly to the main office. ​If the student is accompanied by a parent, the tardiness is excused. If, however, the student is not accompanied by a parent, the tardiness is unexcused. Three unexcused tardies will be subject to disciplinary actions.

    Once students arrive on campus during the school day they become the responsibility of the school. Students who find it necessary to leave during the school day must have their parent or guardian’s written permission to check out. An email or phone call is not permitted to

    check a student out​. ​This documentation must be turned in to the main office by 8:30 a.m. so that it can be verified with the parent. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to meet someone in the parking lot or be allowed to leave the school premises without their parents accompanying them or granting permission​.

    Confiscated Items

    Items that interfere with the learning environment of Pine Forest High School will be confiscated.

    A parent or guardian must pick up any item taken from a student.​  The school will not be responsible for confiscated items.  Cellular phones, iPods, iPads, tablets, headphones, compact disc players, walkmans, stereos, playing cards, etc., are some of the items that students may not display or utilize in the classroom or other “red” zone areas.

    • Cell phones/electronic devices and other confiscated items may be picked up from the main office or the student’s teacher Monday through Friday only between 3:30 pm and 4:00 pm.
    • Only a parent or guardian may pick-up these confiscated items.
    • Parents may pick up the item on the same day the item is confiscated.

                                                                                     Daily Schedule​

    At 8:00 a.m. as students arrive on campus, they must report immediately to the following areas:

    • Students riding a bus or driving to school that desire to eat breakfast will report to the cafeteria.
    • Students riding the bus and NOT eating will report to the main gym.
    • Students driving cars or being dropped off will report to the gym and will only be allowed to enter the building through the fishpond doors.

    Students will not be released from the gym or cafeteria until 8:23 am. Students will not be allowed to loiter in the fishpond area. No student will be served breakfast after 8:23 am unless riding a late bus.  Students will not be allowed to roam.  Students must stay in one location.

    ** Our building will not open until 8:00 a.m. ** 

    Regular Bell Schedule

    Warning Bell 8:23 am  
    1st​​ Period 8:30 am 10:05 am
    2nd​​ Period 10:10 am 11:45 am
    3rd​​ Period/Lunch 11:50 am 2:00 pm
    1st​​ Lunch 11:54 am 12:21 pm
    2nd​​ Lunch 12:27 pm 12:54 pm
    3rd​​ Lunch 1:00 pm 1:27 pm
    4th​​ Lunch 1:33 pm 2:00 pm
    4th​​ Period 2:05 pm 3:40 pm


    Homeroom Schedule – First Wed of each month

    Warning Bell 8:23 am  
    1st​​ Period 8:30 am 10:00 am
    HR 10:05 am 10:15 am
    2nd​​ Period 10:20 am 11:45 am
    3rd​​ Period/Lunch 11:50 am 2:00 pm
    1st​​ Lunch 11:54 am 12:21 pm
    2nd​​ Lunch 12:27 pm 12:54 pm
    3rd​​ Lunch 1:00 pm 1:27 pm
    4th​​ Lunch 1:33 pm 2:00 pm
    4th​​ Period 2:05 pm 3:40 pm


    Two Hour Early Release

    Warning Bell 8:23 am  
    1st​​ Period 8:30 am 9:32 am
    2nd​​ Period 9:37 am 10:37 am
    3rd​​ Period/Lunch 10:42 am 12:39 pm
    1st​​ Lunch 10:44 am 11:09 am
    2nd​​ Lunch 11:14 am 11:39 am
    3rd​​ Lunch 11:44 am 12:09 pm
    4th​​ Lunch 12:14 pm 12:39 pm
    4th​​ Period 12:44 pm 1:40 pm


    Two Hour Delay Schedule

    Warning Bell 10:23 am  
    1st​​ Period 10:30 am 11:32 am
    2nd​​ Period 11:37 am 12:37 pm
    3rd​​ Period/Lunch 12:42 pm 2:39 pm
    1st​​ Lunch 12:44 pm 1:09 pm
    2nd​​ Lunch 1:14 pm 1:39 pm
    3rd​​ Lunch 1:44 pm 2:09 pm
    4th​​ Lunch 2:14 pm 2:39 pm
    4th​​ Period 2:44 pm 3:40 pm


    Breakfast Schedule

    Breakfast is served until 8:23 am. Only those students arriving to school on a late bus and have a bus pass will be permitted to eat breakfast after 8:23am.  Only students purchasing breakfast will be allowed to enter the cafeteria in the morning.  All others must report to the gymnasium.


    The paramount concern of the board and administration is to provide a safe and orderly learning environment in which disruptions to instructional time are kept to a minimum. For safety’s sake, access to schools during school hours must be carefully regulated. In the interest of security and minimizing disruptions to the instructional environment, only the parents/guardians on file with the school shall be permitted to make deliveries to or for their student(s) only. Commercial deliveries to or for students are not permitted. Deliveries of flowers or balloons are not permitted, and deliveries of food shall be limited to lunch items only. Any deliveries of student medications by parents/guardians must conform to the requirements of Policy 6125 and Regulation 6125-R.


    If a student is suspended or in In School Suspension (ISS) on any given day, the student is not eligible to participate in any extracurricular activity sponsored by the school, including athletics, until the following day.  Students may refer to the CCS Code of Conduct for information about discipline infractions and consequences.


    Only posters pertaining to school approved activities will be posted on the campus and in the building.  An assistant principal will approve and grant space and explain limitations.  Faculty sponsors are responsible for all materials presented for posting.  No posters should be displayed in the main lobby.  A poster should be removed by 3:40 p.m. on the day of the activity.  Tape should never be used to display posters.

    Dress Code

    • No hats, toboggans, sweatbands, do-rags, bandannas, knit caps, wraps, hoodies, or any other head coverings. Shorty styled headbands unadorned and measuring less than 1 inch are acceptable.
    • No belly shirts; no tube tops (tops must have a strap).
    • No sleep attire to include blankets, bathrobes, slippers and pillows. No shorts or skirts that are above mid thigh area.
    • No clothing that shows cleavage. Shirts cannot have an open back.
    • No see-through tops or bottoms (clothing). This includes jeans or pants with excessive holes that are above mid thigh area.
    • No inappropriate signs, emblems, or language on clothing.
    • No wallet chains or chains on clothes.
    • No sunglasses worn in the building.
    • No scarves and/or any other items etc. will be allowed to hang from pockets.
    • Pants will be worn around the waist. ​There will be no sagging pants​.

    The administration reserves the right to restrict the wearing of any items that may be disruptive to the normal school day. Failure to comply with the dress code may result in disciplinary action.

    • On the first offense, the student will receive an administrative warning and the dress code issue will be attempted to be corrected so that the student may return to class.
    • On the second offense, the student will receive a phone call home and another administrative warning and will be placed in partial day ISS.
    • On the third offense, the student will receive 3 full days of ISS.
    • On the fourth offense, the student will receive 5 full days of ISS.
    • On the fifth offense, the student will receive an out of school suspension.

    Dressing Out for Physical Education

    Upon arrival at school students must submit a doctor’s note to their PE teacher if that student needs to be excused from taking P.E. on that date. Forgetting your gym apparel, losing your gym apparel or having your gym apparel cleaned are not considered legitimate excuses. Student grading will be affected if the student fails to dress out without a lawful absence.

    Students are strongly discouraged from bringing valuables to school. Under no circumstances should teachers be asked to secure valuables nor will they be responsible for any valuables brought to school. Physical Education teachers are not responsible for anything left in locker rooms. Items such as purses, headphones, cell phones, jewelry, shoes, money, etc. should be locked in a student’s personal locker. Students enrolled in a PE class will be able to utilize a locker during their gym period to secure their belongings. Students must have a combination lock and it must be removed each day when the student’s PE class is complete.

    Driver’s Eligibility

    Upon completion of the Driver’s training class, a student may obtain a Driver Eligibility Form which is needed to obtain a Learner’s Permit from the DMV.  Forms are available in the

    Counseling Office between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday (Monday-Thursday during summer).  The Driving Eligibility certificate shows that the student is making adequate progress and has not dropped out of school.   In order to obtain the certificate, the parent/legal guardian must be in attendance and present the following items:

    • An original or certified copy of the student’s birth certificate or military ID
    • A Driver Education Completion Certificate
    • The parent will be required to sign the Driving Eligibility Certificate in our office

    The Driving Eligibility Certificate is only valid for ​30 days!​  If the certificate expires a new certificate can be reissued by bringing in the old certificate.

    Early Dismissal

    Students who are regularly dismissed according to abbreviated schedules such as those in FTCC, early dismissal due to less than four class periods or other work programs must leave campus immediately. If a student does not have a ride or is unable to leave campus, he/she MUST report to the media center. Reporting to a teacher or wandering the halls is not permitted. If the student continuously has transportation issues, their early dismissal schedule will be re-evaluated.

    Electronic Devices

    Students at Pine Forest High School are permitted to use cell phones prior to 8:23 am, inside the cafeteria and during class changes. Students are permitted to check text messages, view calendars or other items on their phone only during permitted times which have been previously stated. ​At NO time should students be found playing ​music or talking on their cell phone. Bluetooth devices are not acceptable. Students are permitted to use ear buds (small headphones that fit in your ear ONLY), but at no time should students have large Beat style headphones. Cell phones and headphones are not permitted in instructional rooms. They should be immediately put away prior to entering and should remain there for the duration of the class period. Students that do not adhere to this policy are subject to having their phone confiscated for a parent to retrieve. ​Failure to comply will result in an automatic short term suspension. A student refusing to give any school official a cell phone or closed book bag will automatically be suspended from school. 

    Students are responsible for keeping up with their own personal devices. They are strongly encouraged to keep devices at home or in a locked locker.

    Emergency Preparedness Drills

    Fire, tornado, earthquake, campus intruders and other drills as deemed necessary will be performed regularly. Fire drills at regular intervals are required by law and are an important safety precaution. The fire alarm system will alert all personnel. ​Students and all staff/faculty members will vacate the building in an orderly manner​. There shall be no talking when leaving and returning to the building and students must remain with the class.

    All faculty/staff members will exit the building.

    For a tornado drill a continuous series of three (3) short rings of the bell will signal impending danger.  Routes for the nearest evacuation exit are posted in each room.  There shall be no talking when leaving or returning to class.  Students should remain with the class so the teacher may take attendance.   Students are expected to fully comply with directives of school personnel during the emergency preparedness drills to ensure the safety of all students.

    Faculty Workroom/Faculty Lounge

    Students are ​not allowed in the teachers’ workroom or lounge for any reason before, during or after school, or during after-school activities. The lounge or workroom is a place for school personnel only and is completely off limits to students. Teachers should keep the doors locked at all times.

    Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a federal law that governs the maintenance of student records. Under this law, parents or students (if they are at least 18 years of age) have both the right to inspect records kept by the school about the student and the right to correct inaccuracies in the records. Access to the records by persons other than the ​parents or the student is limited and generally requires prior consent by the parents of the student.

    Financial Obligations

    No refunds will be given for any field trips or etc. Checks will only be taken with a license number and current phone number on the check. While students have outstanding debts to the school, they will not be allowed to participate in any activities during, before, or after school except for regular classroom instructional activities.


    All food items will be consumed in the cafeteria during lunch hours. The consumption of food or drink items will not be permitted in the classroom, hall, gym or restrooms. Food items are not to be sold by students during school hours. No prepared restaurant food may be brought on campus during school hours.

    General Provisions- School Board Policy

    All students will comply with all rules governing behavior and conduct. It is the responsibility of the principal to investigate fully cases of students appropriately referred to his/her office for misbehavior, to ensure fair treatment of such students and protection of their procedural and substantive rights, and to determine what, if any, disciplinary action is warranted. The teacher shall have the responsibility and the authority to discipline students, except in those cases requiring the attention of the principal. All policies in the Cumberland County Schools Code of Conduct will be enforced.

    Grades/Grading System

    Grades can be viewed by parents and students by visiting the school web page and following the link for the Parent Portal. You may request information regarding a login and password from the school data manager. Grade point average calculations are based upon standardization of academic course levels, weighting of course grades, and grading scales. Effective with the freshman class of 2015-2016, the weighting for Honors courses shall be one – half (.5) of a quality point. Effective with the freshman class of 2015 – 2016, the weight for Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate (AP/IB) courses shall be one (1) quality point. Grading Scale 

    A = 90 – 100
    B = 80 – 89
    C = 70 -79
    D = 60 – 69
    F = Less than 60



    The date, location and time will be announced on the CCS website. Inappropriate behavior by seniors or their invited guests will result in the senior’s diploma being held. Graduating seniors who will be participating in the graduation ceremony must follow the mandatory CCS Graduation Attire guidelines.


    Guidance exists for all students in this school. It is a continuous process involving specialized services which help students individually and as members of groups with their life adjustments, problems, and needs. The administrators and teachers are constantly working together in the interest of the student as an individual as well as a member of the group. Counseling responsibilities will be divided by alphabet. If you need assistance, please see the counselor based on the first letter of your last name.

    Hall Passes

    Each student is required to have a school issued hall pass with an authentic teacher signature when leaving class. The pass must have a time written on it by the teacher. Students are not allowed to write or issue passes. When a student leaves class for any reason, the expectation is that the student reports to the specific location designated on the pass. Students are expected to return to class within a reasonable time from the time the pass was issued to the student. If a student does not return within a reasonable time or goes anywhere other than the specified designated location, the student will be charged with disruptive behavior and will receive disciplinary consequences.

    • Example: If a student is assigned a pass to go to the main office and the student is found in the gymnasium, the student would not be in the specified designated location and would face disciplinary consequences.
    • Example: If a student is assigned a pass to go to the restroom and returns to class an hour after the pass is written, the student will be written up for not returning within a reasonable time and will face disciplinary consequences.

    Students are expected to be in class at all times. Students should not be out of class without a valid pass from his or her teacher.

    Health Services

    No student should be out of class for health reasons without a proper excuse.

    At the beginning of each school year, the homeroom/classroom teacher will check to see that each student has returned a completed Student Information/Verification of Address form. ​Each homeroom/classroom teacher will screen all Student Information/Verification of Address forms for those which indicate a medical problem.

    Any Student Information/Verification of Address form which indicates a medical problem will be submitted to the principal and kept in the office for easy accessibility to the nurse or other school personnel needing to refer to same.

    It is the responsibility of the parent and/or guardian to:

    1. Notify school officials in writing of the medical condition of the child and keep this information current.
    2. Provide to the school the medication in an appropriate labeled container which includes the child’s name, the name of the medication, the unit dosage to be given, the member of dosage units, the time the medication is to be given and the appropriate storage facility, i.e. refrigerated or non-refrigerated.
    3. Provide the school with instructions to be kept on file from their child’s medical provider for actions to be followed in case of emergencies related to specific medical problems such as bee stings, epilepsy, diabetes, etc.
    4. Provide a signed release from medical liability form for school personnel who administer emergency medical treatment per physician’s instruction.

    ID Cards/Class Dues

    Pictures for student ID cards will be taken during the first month of school.  Students are required to keep their ID card on their person at all times during the school day and at all school functions.

    ID cards are required for school dances, assemblies, the JR/SR Prom, pep rallies, media center use, cafeteria, check in and check out, etc.

    • 9th​​ grade ID (Freshmen): $5.00
    • 10th​​ grade ID (Sophomore): $5.00
    • 11th​​ grade dues/ID (Juniors): $60.00* ​(price will increase by $10 after 11/14/2019) o (includes ID card & Prom both JR and SR Year) Junior dues pays for the JR/SR prom for the student’s junior and senior years. If Junior dues are not paid, the student may not attend the prom in either their JR or Sr year!)

    o In order to attend the Junior Class breakfast and to receive a Junior Class t – shirt, dues must in ​PAID IN FULL no later than November 14, 2019​.  Dues can be paid to Shannon Shurko or Erica Thames.

    • 12th​​ grade dues/ID (Seniors): $80.00 o Cover the following :

        Senior Float for Homecoming

        Outstanding Senior and Senior Superlative Recognition

        Graduation Expenses

        Special Projects & Donation

        Printing of Graduation Programs and Tickets

        Class T – Shirt

        Senior Gift

        Senior Breakfasts

        Senior Activities

        Student ID card for Seniors who pay in full ($80) by November 14, 2019: will receive an extra graduation ticket guaranteed senior t – shirt before Winter Break, and attend all senior activities. Dues can be paid by cash, check or money order payable to Pine Forest High School and be given to Mrs. Willis or Mrs. Vallery.

    Important Note:  This fee does not include personal graduation expenses to include but not limited to cap and gown, graduation announcements and etc.  Those items are purchased separately from Josten’s. 

    ** Junior dues increase by $10.00 after November 14, 2019.** 

    ** If a student wishes not to pay JR or SR dues, the cost of an ID card is $5.00

    Replacement ID:  The cost of a replacement ID is $10.00.  A replacement ID may be purchased from the main office before school.  There will be no refunds, even if the original ID is found at a later date.

    *  No refunds will be given for dues paid.  **


    All student fees and charges, both optional and required, shall be listed and described annually in each school’s handbook or in some other written form.  The notice shall advise students that fees are to be paid within 30 days after enrollment.   The notice shall further advise students that required fees might be waived for indigent students (as defined in JS-A) by the principal upon written request of the student’s parent/guardian or legal custodian.

     Seniors who owe fines to the school must pay the fines in full in order to receive graduation tickets. 

    Locks and Lockers

    A locked locker is the ONLY secure place a student has to keep personal items. ​NEVER leave your belongings unattended. Lockers are supplied by the school and are assigned to students by their homeroom teachers. All students are required to purchase a school lock at a cost of $5.00; a used lock will cost $3.00. This lock may be used for the full time at Pine Forest High School. Lost locks must be replaced with school locks. Students who have problems with their locks and or lockers should check with their homeroom teacher and make sure they have the correct combination, and check the serial number against the combination. If the lock still fails to open, contact the main office. All students are responsible for the operation of their locks and any items found within their lockers. Only combination locks purchased from the school may be utilized. ​ITEMS FOUND IN UNLOCKED LOCKERS MAY BE CONFISCATED. No students may share a locker with another student. Unlocked lockers will be cleared periodically by custodial personnel.

    It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the locker is locked securely. The school will not be responsible for items lost from lockers. Students should never give out the combination to their lock to anyone and must realize that this is the only secure place for valuables while on campus.


    Students are not permitted to loiter on school property after school hours, before school, or on non-school days. Students are not to be on campus before 8:00 a.m. and after 3:45 p.m.

    unless involved in extracurricular activities under the direct supervision of a teacher.

    Lost and Found

    Most items lost/stolen at Pine Forest High occur in classrooms, the gym, the cafeteria or the locker room. Students should check with the Safe Schools Coordinator if they feel they have lost something.  The lost and found is located by the gymnasium.

    Your property is your responsibility​. In addition, you are reminded that sharing a locker is not permitted and increases the chances of your losing books and/or personal items.

    Items found on the campus of Pine Forest will be maintained for a period of 30 days. Should a student discover they have lost an item, they should contact the safe schools coordinator within that time period.  After 30 days these items will be discarded.

    Make-Up Work

    Make up work will be available when a student is absent. ​Responsibility for requesting make-up work is the student’s responsibility. Completed make-up work shall be done within five (5) class days of the student’s return to school in order to receive credit for class time missed. Content and scheduling of make-up work is at the teacher’s discretion.

    The following procedure will be followed by each student when he/she has been absent from school:

    * An original authentic note will be brought by the student on the day he/she returns from his/her absence. ​Parents should keep a copy of the note for their own records; the school is not responsible for a second copy​. The NOTE must contain the following information:

    • Student’s first & last name and ID number.
    • Date(s) on which the absences occurred. 3) REASON for absence
    • Signature of parent or legal guardian.
    • Phone number where parent can be located (home & work)

    Forged or fraudulently signed notes will be treated as skipping school or leaving campus without permission.

    Students should bring a note after each absence. The absence note must be turned into the attendance clerk and it will then be recorded in PowerSchool.

    Absences beyond 3 days in each class will require the student to make up time at the discretion of the teacher. Bringing notes at the end of the semester is not acceptable. Notes should be presented within five (5) days of the student’s return to school (including physician notes).  Failure to comply will result in the absence being recorded as unexcused.  

    Media Center

    Students present in the Media Center will be expected to conduct themselves in a quiet and orderly manner. Failure to do so may result in suspension of library privileges. In order to be admitted to the Media Center, students must present a pass from a teacher unless a teacher accompanies them. During lunchtime, students must show their student ID and pass to be admitted to the media center. If a student loses a library book, then the student will be charged the cost to replace the lost/damaged book. 


    Messages will not be delivered to students during the instructional school day.

    Off Limits Areas

    There are certain areas on campus that are off-limits to students during the school day.  The locations are as follows:

    • Bus Parking Lot
    • Student and Faculty Parking Lots
    • Athletic Facilities, unless under the direct supervision of a teacher, coach or administrator
    • Shrubbery, woods and trees around the school campus
    • All hallways during lunch
    • All stairwells and snack machines during lunch
    • Teacher workrooms and/or lounges
    • Faculty Parking Lot: no student pickups or no student drop offs!
    • The hut doors will remain locked throughout the day, except during class changes.

    There will be a teacher to monitor the doors between during the changing of classes. Students should only use the main entrance of the school to enter the building.  During class time if a student needs to go outside to the huts or inside the main building from the huts, they will need to use the designated entrances.

    Parent-Teacher Conferences

    A guidance counselor, principal or a teacher may request a conference at any time with the parent/guardian to discuss the progress and problems of the student. Such conferences are highly desirable as they are beneficial to the student, parent/guardian, and teacher. These conferences should be scheduled with the individual teacher. P​ lease be reminded that parents/guardians cannot visit their child’s classroom without prior notice to school administration. School officials will set up a conference or a class visit within a reasonable amount of time.

    Parents may call the school to schedule a conference with a teacher at any time during the school year. The teacher will schedule a time that is convenient to both the teacher and the parent/guardian. P​arent/teacher conferences must be scheduled in advance.

    There are also two scheduled Parent/Teacher conference dates during the school year. Dates will be announced and posted on the school’s website.

    Parking and Driving on Campus

    The privilege of parking a personal vehicle on school grounds may be exercised only after the student has met all the requirements established by the Cumberland County Board of Education and the principal. A person driving a motorized vehicle to school will park it according to regulations in designated areas.

    Students who violate any driving and parking regulations are subject to having parking privileges suspended.

    • A parking agreement may be obtained from Mrs. Donna Creedmore in the Main Office.
    • Each student authorized to drive must display a parking permit on the vehicle at all times. Parking permits will cost $40.00 at the beginning of school and $20.00 at the beginning of 2nd​​ semester and can be obtained by completing an application and being approved by the Safe Schools Coordinator.
    • Students ​must park in their assigned space​.
    • Neither the school nor the school system is responsible for loss due to fire, theft, or accidents relative to personal vehicles on school grounds.
    • Once a student arrives on campus in his/her vehicle, they must immediately vacate the vehicle and enter the building. Students are not to be in the parking lot or in parked cars during the school day.  Any student who remains in the vehicle after arrival on campus will be charged with loitering and revocation of permit.
    • Any vehicle or student must not exceed 10 miles per hour when driving on school grounds.
    • Music should not be played loudly in the parking lot.
    • Students are not permitted to return to their cars during the school day without special permission from an administrator and must be escorted to their vehicle by the school resource officer or school representative
    • Parking permits will be revoked for excessive tardies, skipping school/class, inappropriate behavior, and other violations of school rules.
    • Any student found driving on campus without permission is subject to disciplinary action according to the student code of conduct. The charge will be insubordination.
    • Students are to park ONLY in the lot beside the auxiliary gym. This is designated as the student parking lot. Students are NOT to park in the soccer lot. Failure to follow this will result in loss of privileges and/or disciplinary action.
    • Students are to be picked up alongside the curb in the right lane only. At no time should a student be picked up in the left lane. This lane should always be free moving so that everyone can get off campus quickly. At no time should parents drive on the grass or areas not designated for vehicles.  Anyone that continues to do this will be issued a No Trespassing letter from school officials.

    Students with Parking Permits

    If a student with a parking sticker accumulates 3 or more tardies in 1st period, the student’s parking sticker may be revoked and said student may face other disciplinary consequences. It is the expectation that students who drive will be on time for school.  

    Progress Report/Report Card Schedule 2020-2021


    Junior dues are collected to pay for the cost of having a prom. Students not planning to attend the prom during either their Junior or Senior year do not have to pay Junior dues. All students attending the Pine Forest Prom for the first time (during either their Jr or Sr year) must pay junior dues. All students are required to pay the fees regardless of when they enrolled at Pine Forest High School. Prom guests must be approved by Pine Forest administration. Dress code will be enforced. If you have questions about prom, please see an administrator. More information concerning junior dues can be found under Class Dues/ID card section of this handbook.

    Promotion Requirements

    In order to receive a passing grade for a course, you (the student) must be in attendance for ninety percent (90%) of the class time or its equivalent as determined by the principal.

    Beginning with the 2003-2004 school year:

    Students who attend a high school in which a maximum of eight (8 credits) can be earned during the school year (4 x 4 schedule).

    • For promotion from grade nine (9) to grade ten (10), each student must pass a minimum of six (6) units of course credits. One (1) of these units must be in English.
    • For promotion from grade ten (10) to grade eleven (11), each student must pass a minimum of thirteen (13) units of course credit in grades nine (9), ten (10). Two (2) of these must be in English.
    • For promotion from grade eleven (11) to grade twelve (12), each student must pass a minimum of twenty (20) units of course credit in grades nine (9), ten (10) and eleven (11) and must be in a position to graduate at the end of the regular school year. Three (3) of these must be in English.

    Public Displays of Affection

    Noncompliance with the rules listed below may result in disciplinary action.

    • There will be no kissing.
    • There will be no hugging.
    • There will be no inappropriate touching of any kind.

    Sale of Items

    Students are not to engage in the sale of items to other students unless it is school-sponsored. Any sale of an item for the purpose of raising funds for school activities by the students shall have prior written approval by the principal and the superintendent.  All fundraising activities should be coordinated with the administrator in charge of fundraising.

    School Safety & Visitation Requirements

    School safety is everyone’s responsibility.  We will only allow students to carry see through book-bags during the school-day.  ​Closed book-bags will not be allowed at Pine Forest High School.  ​Also, students should enter/exit the building using only approved doors. Students should never open doors to allow individuals access to the school building. Individuals that do this may face possible discipline measures from school officials. Anyone wishing to check a student in/out must present proper identification in the front office.  All visitors to Pine Forest should enter the school using only the front entrance door.  Also, any parent wishing to visit a class must call in advance giving 24 hr notice.  A grade level administrator will be assigned to attend the classroom along with the parent/guardian.  Parents/guardians may only observe classes that their child is currently taking for that period. Also, parents/guardians will not be allowed to visit classrooms unannounced. Students will be expected to follow all emergency drills.  Any individual that does not comply with these drills in a serious manner may face disciplinary action from school officials.

    Searches – Student’s Person

    The Board of Education authorizes teachers and administrative personnel who have reasonable belief that a student or students are in possession of weapons, illegal drugs or other items harmful to the student or to the welfare of the school family, to search the person of said student(s) under the following conditions:

    1. Any search must be done under the supervision of the principal or a member of the administrative team. ​No teacher and/or staff member shall search a student himself/herself.
    2. Any such action shall not be taken unless there is a reasonable belief which can be substantiated if necessary.
    3. Any such action shall not deliberately be intended to embarrass, or intimidate the student(s).

    Reasonable belief on the part of a teacher, principal, or administrator may be based upon information from such sources as faculty members, reliable students, a law enforcement officer, visual evidence or any of these factors.

    Search and Seizure – School Property

    The Board of Education fully recognizes the application of constitutional law to the area of student privacy with regard to such items as lockers and student desks. However, it is charged with maintenance of such property items and authorized inspection for any maintenance related reasons. With respect to opening student lockers, or desks for other reasons, the following shall be considered applicable throughout the Cumberland County School district:

    Desks, lockers, and other equipment at any school belongs to the school district and although assigned to particular students for use, may be entered and searched by school officials whenever said school officials have reasonable belief some substance or contraband is contained therein which is illegal, harmful to the safety of the student or the student body as a whole, or significantly disruptive and/or dangerous to the overall discipline of the school.

    Section 504/Americans with Disabilities Act

    No otherwise qualified individual with a disability shall, solely by reason of his or her disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination from any program or activity of the school. Qualified disabled students are entitled to a free appropriate public education. Disabled persons who believe they have been subjected to discrimination on the basis of disability may appeal to the person in the school designated to hear said grievances.  If still unresolved, grievances may then be appealed to the school district.

    Selling or Soliciting on Campus

    No student is allowed to sell any items or to solicit business for the individual or any group for any reason without the express written consent of the building principal.

    Senior Honor/Graduation/Award Cord Policy

    Please see the PFHS website regarding specific policies and requirements for each organization that issues a cord. Any organization/club that is not listed does NOT issue a cord.

    Skateboard Policy

    • Skateboards brought on campus will be confiscated.
    • Skateboarding is not allowed anywhere on the school campus. This includes before and after school, non-school days, weekends, vacations, and holidays.


    Cumberland County Schools to include Pine Forest High School are smoke-free campuses.  No tobacco products to include electronic cigarettes are permitted inside the building or outside school grounds.

    Student Accidents

    All accidents and injuries must be reported and documented in a timely manner to Donna Creedmore in the main office without exception!

    Student Accident Insurance

    A student accident insurance program is available to all students at the beginning of the school year with enrollment in the program offered on a voluntary basis.  The premium must be paid by the parent or guardian.

    Student Accountability

    Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior students who fail a course the first semester will not be allowed to retake the failing course during the second semester. An alternative plan for instructional purposes may be discussed with the principal and teacher.

    Student Clubs and Organizations

    Pine Forest High School is proud to offer a plethora of academic and student interest clubs.  All students are encouraged to become involved in extracurricular activities.  * Clubs may charge fees for participation on activities, club apparel and etc.*

    Student Clubs and Organizations

    Organization Name Sponsor
    Academy of Information Technology Elaine Vallery
    Academy of Emergency Medical Science Jennifer Jones
    Academy of Scholars Nancy Armstrong
    ACES Denise Hall
    Art Club  Manuela Smith
    Band James Richardson
    Battle of the Books Lisa Denton
    Chess Club Neal Gemelli
    Club de Espanol Coralia Martinico
    Culinary Club Sara Gagnon
    Dance Team Amy Cameron
    Distributive Education Clubs of America –



    Bridgette Jones
    Fandom Sara Gagnon
    Family Career and Community Leaders of


    America – FCCLA

    Sara Gagnon and Anne Marie Cameron



    Fellowship of Christian Athletes  Jimmy Peaden, Bill Sochovka
    Campus Life Joshua Norris
    Future Business Leaders of America Paige Slider
    Future Farmers of America Brittany Maxfield & Alexander Quiroz
    Key Club Dawn Willis & Liauna Jordan
    Math Club Pierre Cobb
    National Art Honor Society Manuela Smith
    National Honor Society Nancy Armstrong
    National Technical Honor Society Liauna Jordan & Paige Slider
    Pine Forest “Odyssey of Sound” Marching



    James Richardson
    Recycling Club – Green Team Linwood Starling
    SANDRA – Pine Forest High School  Sign Language Club Alda Midgette
    Science Olympiad Shannon Shurko
    Skills USA Elaine Vallery & Sharon Huggar
    Student Government Association – SGA Paige Slider
    Student 2 Student Matthew Stoeckley/ Brayanna Upthegrove
    Trojan Builders Association – TBA TBA
    Writers Guild Nicole Graham
    Yearbook Kevin Weaver


    Student Schedules

    Schedules are developed by the student’s intended pathway; therefore, there will be no schedule changes after the first day of school.

    System-Wide Early Release Days

    One (1) time throughout the school year there will be system-wide early release for staff professional development.  Date for system-wide early release for staff development is as follows: October 16, 2019

    Tardy Policy

    Students are expected to arrive at school and to all classes on time.  Missed class time means missed instruction. Unexcused check-ins are considered unexcused tardies for 1​st​ period.   ​For first period tardies only (check- ins), an administrative conference will be held with the student and parent on the third tardy/check – in.

    Below outlines our policy:

    1st​​ tardy to class- Teacher will warn the student and student will sign the tardy log.

    2nd​​ tardy to class- Teacher will warn student, student will sign tardy log and teacher will notify the parent through direct contact.

    3rd​​ tardy to class- Teacher will submit a discipline referral to an administrator who will assign the student to ISS​

    1st​​ referral-3 days period only

    2nd​​ referral-3 full days

    3rd​​ referral-5 full days

    4th​​ time-OSS (2 days each time)


    1st​​ Offense-3 days period only ISS

    2nd​​ Offense-3 full days ISS

    3rd​​ Offense-5 full days of ISS

    4th​​ Offense-OSS (2 days each time)

    Hall Sweeps

    Consequences of Being Caught in a Hall Sweep:

    1st Offense (1st Hall Sweep)                            Warning Issues

    2nd Offense (2nd Hall Sweep)                          ISS 3 Full Days

    3rd Offense (3rd Hall Sweep)                           ISS 4 full Days

    4th Offense (4+ Hall Sweeps and                     OSS 2 days each time

    Subsequent Offenses)

    Theft Prevention

    The best method of theft prevention is to be conscious of the possibility of theft occurring and strive to eliminate these opportunities.  Each student and employee of the school has a responsibility in the area of theft prevention; however, the school cannot be responsible for items that are lost or stolen.  Listed below are some suggestions to help prevent theft:

    • The best practice is not bringing valuable items to school.
    • Never leave anything in a locker that does not have a lock. Never leave cameras, jewelry, money, electronics or valuables in a locker even if it has a lock.  This includes gym lockers.
    • Never leave anything other than clothing in the physical education dressing rooms. Valuables should not be taken to the gym.
    • If you are staying after school for a club meeting or practice, the same theft prevention habits you would follow during the school day should be followed.
    • Remember: No one steals your lock unless you give another student your combination or you leave it UNLOCKED!

    Use of Facilities After School

    Students will not re-enter the building after the ringing of the 3:40 p.m. bell unless they are staying after school for approved activities. Students who remain on campus for athletic practices will go immediately to the gym or practice area. All dressing will be done in the rooms provided. Students will also not be allowed to loiter in the school parking lot before or after school.

    Any infraction of any of the aforementioned is a serious violation of school regulations. All club sponsors and coaches must remain with students until they have left campus or have been picked up by a guardian.

    No facilities on campus should be used at any time without consent from a school official. Consent will ONLY be granted when an approved Use of Facilities Contract is on file and all proper payments and documents have been secured. 

    Use of Restroom Facilities

    Students will only be given permission to use the restroom during class in case of emergency. We enforce the policy for protection of class time. Students have several minutes between classes to take care of personal needs. Each teacher will adopt a restroom use policy. No student will be refused admittance to a restroom facility. Teachers will record the amount of time a student is away from class.

    Vending Machines

    Pine Forest High School will not be held liable for any currency lost in a vending machine located on the school campus. Student use of vending machines is at their own risk. Vandalism of any of the vending machines will result in disciplinary action. On a normal school day, the vending machines may not be used during breakfast and lunch hours.

    Visitation Policy

    All visitors, regardless of status, must report to the main office and obtain a visitor’s permit prior to any visitation on campus. Under no circumstances are students to bring visitors to school with them.

    As mentioned in the above policy, we shall not allow visitors on campus who do not follow the proper procedure for securing permission to visit. Proper permission may be secured from the principal or his designee. Those persons needing to visit other offices will be so directed from the Main Office.

    Disclaimer Statement

    No student or employee in the Cumberland County Schools shall on the basis of age, gender, race, religion, national origin, marital status or handicapping condition, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity.  All Cumberland County schools maintain high academic standards.