Cumberland Polytechnic High School

  • Words of Inspiration from Graduation: 

    “I leave you with three simple yet powerful points to guide you on your journey: Lead, Learn, and Inspire. Lead with integrity, courage and compassion. Learn with an open mind, a thirst for knowledge, and a willingness to embrace new experiences. And, above all, inspire those around you with your passion, your determination and your unwavering commitment to excellence.” 

    -Niesha Witherspoon, Principal


    I want you, my classmates, to not compare your path to someone else’s … Whether that means you are going to pursue your bachelor's, take a gap year, or go right into the workforce, believe in yourself and trust in your own timing. Whatever your decision is, committed or unsure, just make sure it’s the right choice for you.” 

    - Sierra Neuhauser, Valedictorian


    “We started high school in the fall of 2020, the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. We attended class virtually at a time when no one knew what the future would hold. Not just our future, but the world’s future. We came back to school, only knowing each other by the eyes above our masks. In spite of all these challenges, we preserved. We forged ahead, creating long-lasting memories and friendships. We learned lessons from our teachers and each other.”

    - Nysha Derricks, Salutatorian

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    Graduating Class of 2024 at Cumberland Polytechnic High School: Top Accomplishments

    As we celebrate the achievements of the Graduating Class of 2024 at Cumberland Polytechnic High School, we are proud to highlight the outstanding accomplishments and future plans of the 67 graduates. 

    • Forty-five of the graduates recently earned an associate’s degree, tuition-free, and participated in Fayetteville Technical Community College’s graduation ceremonies on May 19.
    • Ja’Miyrah M. Underwood plans to attend North Carolina Central University to major in Business and become a cadet in the college's Air Force ROTC program. After graduation, she aspires to one day open and run her own business. 
    • Many of the CPHS graduates have been active in the community, participating in the spring and winter buddy program at a local elementary school, helping at churches and homeless shelters, teaching and coaching youth and contributing to community drives.

    These graduates exemplify the dedication, hard work, and community spirit that Cumberland Polytechnic High School strives to instill in all its students. We are confident that they will continue to achieve great things in their future endeavors.

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