Choice Program - Dual Language

Global Education Focus

  • For students to participate effectively in this changing world, they must understand it.  The 21st-century student will sell to the world, buy from the world, work for international companies, compete with people from other countries, manage employees from other cultures, collaborate with people all over the world, and solve global problems.

Dual Language

  • Montclair Elementary School's Dual Language program supports both native Spanish speakers and native English speakers in becoming bilingual, bi-cultural, and bi-literate.

    Our program is the only program in Cumberland County Schools that is 50/50.  Students spend half of the instructional day in Spanish and half of the instructional day in English.  Students will leave Montclair Elementary able to effectively communicate, collaborate, create, and think critically in appropriate and respectful ways.

    For more information on the CCS School Choice program and the application process please visit