Choice Programs

  • Spanish Dual Language Immersion Program

    Provides an opportunity to become bilingual in a foreign language
    Focuses on the development of fluent language skills in a foreign language with 90 percent of the instructional day spoken in a foreign language
    Offers exposure to other cultures and languages
    Focuses on preparing students to meet the challenges of a global society
    Promotes acceptance of different nationalities by encourages the development of an understanding of cultures and customs

    Year-Round Schedule

    Offers a school year that begins in July and ends in June (180 days)
    Spreads vacation days throughout the year
    Includes nine weeks of focused instruction followed by 2 – 3 weeks for intersession, enrichment, remediation, and vacation
    Offers opportunities for academic improvement and enrichment through special activities and intersessions
    Increases retention of material and ensures less repetition of lessons
    Promotes continuous teaching and learning