SFCMS Student Dress Code for 2023-2024



    Teachers and administrators have discretion in making judgments relating to the appropriateness of dress, including jewelry and hair.

    Guidelines for Dress

    ➤  Shirts - Solid navy, red, white, gray, or black polo style No logos, no words, pictures or designs on clothing. (long or short sleeve with collar) or oxford style dress shirt or approved team/club shirt. No sleeveless, cap sleeves, see-through, or low cut shirts are permitted. (Uniform-dresses polo style and jumpers with polo shirts underneath no shorter than three inches above the knee) shirts should be tucked in at the waist.

    ➤  Slacks/shorts/skirts - Solid navy, black, or khaki slacks/shorts (no denim, no athletic pants, no leggings worn as pants), and no shorts/skirts shorter than three inches above the knee. No sagging pants. No joggers or pants with elastic at the ankle. 

    ➤  Shoes - All black or All white loafers or sneakers.  Shoes must have closed-toe/heel shoes and no house shoes/bedroom slippers or Crocs. Heels/soles may be no larger than 3 inches tall.  No Boots.  Soles of the shoe can be black, gray, brown, or white.

    ➤  Socks - Must wear navy, black, gray, or white socks with shoes. 

    ➤  Sweaters/Blazers/Vests - (Pullover or cardigan) solid navy, red, white, gray, or black (no logos except for 71st Classical spirit wear approved logos)

    ➤  Sweatshirts - Solid navy, red, white, gray, or black. (no logos except for 71st Classical Spirit Middle School approved logos. No hoodies or shirts with an attached or separated hood.

    ➤  Belts - should be worn with pants and skirts with belt loops. Belts should be black.

    Additional Guidelines


    ➤  Items not permitted are stretch pants or leggings, bell bottoms, denim (jeans cut, logos, skinny pants, cargo pants, joggers pants (elastic cuff), hip huggers, contrasting trim or any other variation to the dress code.

    ➤  Winter coats/jackets may not be worn inside the classroom unless approved by administration. No coats with attached hoods are allowed inside the building; they must be placed in a locker. 

    ➤  Hats, hoods, hoodies, headgear, or sunglasses and earbuds, headphones will not be worn for any reason during the school day.  

    ➤  “Sagging” or “bagging” of clothes is not permitted.

    ➤  No holes in clothing are permitted.

    ➤  No bandannas are allowed.

    71st Spiritwear may only be worn on Fridays .

    One-piece, fully-connected headband is permitted (cannot be tied). Solid coloring in black, white, navy, or gray only.


    Students are permitted to use backpacks, but these must be stored in a locker throughout the school day. Backpacks must be no larger than 25x13. A laptop sleeve is recommended and acceptable to carry the CCS Chromebook but may not contain any other item.

    Gym Bags

    Gym bags may be used only to transport gym clothes. Gym bags may be carried either before or after the period the student has PE but should be placed in the locker at the student’s earliest opportunity. The gym bag must be clear or mesh or the SFCMS gym bag. (items must be clearly visible).

    Water Bottles

    Water bottles must be plastic or another soft material. Needs to be clearly labeled with a student name.  No stainless steel or aluminum bottles.

    Personal Bags

    Personal bags may be carried but may not exceed 8 x 8 x 3 inches in size.  Personal bags must be stored in lockers during the school day.  Sanitary items will be provided on grade-level or students may visit their locker to retrieve necessary items prior to bathroom visits and return items before going back to the classroom.

    Physical Education

    ➤  T-shirt - Clean t-shirt white or gray. Tank tops and half shirts will not be permitted.

    ➤  Shorts - Clean pair of athletic shorts, blue or black,  that will stay in place without being held by hand or belt (yoga pants/leggings/spandex can be worn under PE shorts).

    ➤  Pants - Sweatpants or jogging suits may be worn during cold weather.

    ➤  Socks -  Clean athletic socks (white or gray).

    ➤  Shoes - Rubber-soled tennis shoes or athletic sneakers.


    All Cumberland County Schools will make any necessary religious accommodations  otherwise restricted or prohibited under existing individual school dress Dress code violations that cannot be resolved will result in disciplinary action.   Repeat offenses will result in an administrative referral.