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  • How will parents, students, and staff be notified if school is closed or delayed due to inclement weather?

    • Should school operating hours be delayed or cancelled due to weather conditions, parents and staff will be notified by telephone via the automated notification system, ParentLink. The phone call message delivered to you will include the most current information at the time.  Therefore, it is very important that your child's school has current telephone numbers on file with the school office.  For ongoing weather events, updates will be sent to you using ParentLink.  Please note that this automated phone system can take up to 40 minutes to cycle through all numbers.  You may also use these resources as an additional source of information.  
    • Visit the home page of the school system at
    • All local radio and television stations receive notifications from the school system as well.

    How is the decision made to delay or close school due to weather conditions?

    • Our goal is to ensure the safety of our students, and in order to give advance notice of a change in schedule, it sometimes means making a decision based on the best information we have available in time to provide notice.  If weather conditions exist, are predicted, or have the potential to impact school operations, conditions are closely monitored and information is gathered from multiple sources to include the NC State Emergency Management Service, local law enforcement, the National Weather Service, as well as other state and local agencies.  Administrators also consult school maintenance and custodial staff who are responsible for clearing and treating school parking lots and sidewalks to check on conditions at the site. 

    How does the school system determine if the road conditions are unsafe for travel?

    • When weather events occur or are forecasted, consideration is given to all transportation methods, including student walkers, teen drivers, and bus transportation.  In the event of winter weather, our Transportation Department supervisors drive bus routes in all areas of the county to check on conditions firsthand.  In some cases, conditions in some areas of the county may be more dangerous than in other areas.  

    When is the decision made to delay or close schools due to weather conditions?

    • In the event of inclement weather, the goal of Cumberland County Schools is to provide as much notice as possible of closings, early releases, or delays to our parents, students, and employees.  Sometimes however, conditions catch everyone by surprise and we must make a decision much closer to the occurrence.  Because of the uncertainty of each event, no exact time of each notification can be provided.  

    Why are there times when school is cancelled or delayed and the roads in my neighborhood appear to be in good driving condition?

    • Because Cumberland County covers a large geographic area, weather conditions can vary dramatically in different locations around the area.  Often, major roads are in good driving condition, but the neighborhood streets ae extremely dangerous.  In situations such as these, the decision to delay or cancel school is made in the best interest of EVERY student.

    Should there be a delayed school opening due to weather conditions, how will the schedule of during and after school activities be impacted?

    • If school is delayed due to weather conditions, breakfast will not be served.  Activities scheduled after school may be impacted as well.  Notification for these schedule changes will be made during the day via the ParentLink system and the school system website.

    Should school be closed during the school day as a result of weather, what is the process for dismissal?

    • Students will be dismissed from school if weather conditions permit and students are able to arrive home safely.  If weather conditions deteriorate rapidly, it may be necessary for students to remain at school until it is determined that travel is safe.  

    How are make-up days determined?

    • Students are required to attend school for 180 days.  Potential make-up days include teacher workdays and holidays.  Should these not be sufficient, days during spring break, winter break and Saturdays will be considered.

    What will Prime Time's schedule be if schools are affected by inclement weather?

    •  If school dismisses early because of inclement weather, Prime Time will operate for two (2) hours after dismissal.  Parents of children picked up after two hours will be charged a late fee.  If school is completely cancelled due to inclement weather, Prime Time will not operate the before and after school program.  If the schools are delayed for children or staff due to inclement weather, the morning program will also have a two (2) hour delay.  Only children registered in the Before School Program will be allowed to attend the morning program when school runs on a delay.  The Superintendent or his designee makes the decision as to whether Cumberland County Schools will release children early, begin school on a delay or close schools due to inclement weather.  Families should refer to CCS' Website or local news channels for up-to-date information regarding delays or closures.