American History: Foundation Principles, Civics, & Econ Honors Syllabus

  • American History: Foundation Principles, Civics, & Economics Honors 

    Instructor: Mrs. Janae Poe


    Phone: (910)672-2830

    Course Description

    This course is a study of the foundations and evolution of the American government and economics. Through Civics and Economics, students will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become responsible and influential citizens in an interdependent world. Students will need a practical understanding of civics and economic systems that affect their lives as consumers and citizens. Civics and Economics is a required course for graduation.

    Students are expected to contribute to class discussions and effectively participate in class activities.  For class discussions to work, student preparation and participation are critical.  Completing homework assignments is essential for the student to see the big picture of history. Homework can and will include reading, answering questions, map work, vocabulary, research, essays, projects, and studying.  History is not a series of snapshots but a video that runs continuously.  Please do not blink and miss the whole picture. 

    Course Content and Objectives

    North Carolina Essential Standards for Civics and Economics

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    Government Textbook

    Economics Textbook:  


    All assignments will be turned in via Canvas. 

    Tests/Projects/Essays - 45%
    Classwork/Homework - 35%
    Quizzes - 20%

    A - 100-90
    B - 89-80
    C - 79-70
    D - 69-60
    F - 59 and Below

    Work can be revised up to 3 days after it is initially graded to improve learning and credit.

    Late Work

    Assignments should be turned in on time. If you turn in an assignment late, there will be point deductions, and you will not be able to revise it.

    1 day late - 1 letter grade deduction
    2 days late - 2 letter grade deduction
    3 days late - 3 letter grade deduction

    Work that is over 3 days late will not be graded.


    Live Class - We will meet Monday through Friday at our class time for 75 minutes. That is the length of the class. During this time, you will have on your camera, and you will participate in class discussion and learning. During this time, you will be respectful of everyone in the room and respectful of the learning environment.

    Independent Work - With any class time that we don't use, you will be expected to complete assignments. You must be self-motivated during this time of online learning. This work could include collaborative work to do with your classmates.

    Try Your Best - I know that having classes online like this isn't ideal and that there is so much happening in the world right now. I need you to try your best. If you have any issues, email me!

    The following are the expectations of CIECHS students during Remote (Virtual) Learning days:

    1.  Students will follow their regular class schedule and will attend Google Meet live sessions for each academic class. Google Meet sessions ARE NOT optional, and students are REQUIRED to participate in each session or be marked absent.
    2.  Each student’s camera must be turned on throughout the entire Google Meet for each class.
    3.  Students will participate in remote (virtual) classes by asking/answering questions, engaging in conversations, and completing assignments.
    4.  Students are accountable for their learning and will check their school email frequently throughout the day.
    5.  Students will be appropriately dressed for class (i.e., no pajamas).
    6.  Students will pay attention during class and will not play video games, watch videos or television during the course, etc.
    8.  7.  No eating or drinking during class.
    9.  All work must be submitted no later than the due date. Assignments submitted after the due date will not receive full credit.
    10.  Students will refer to each teacher’s syllabus for any specific remote learning requirements.

    Academic Integrity

    Even in the online learning space, we must maintain Academic Integrity. Cheating or plagiarizing of any kind will not be tolerated. This means no:

    · Copy/Pasting from anywhere; even if you change a few words, it is still plagiarism
    · Sharing answers with other classmates
    · Submitting an assignment that you did not do yourself
    · Using sources that you don't cite

     Additional Information for Parents

    Your permission will be indicated on the Student and Parent Contract Google Form.

    Movies and Videos:  Occasionally we will watch movie clips, full-length movies, and documentaries. In some cases, these are rated R for violence and some language. These clips and movies are meant to enhance learning. Mrs. Poe uses discretion when making viewing selections and does not choose anything she feels is inappropriate for the students. Some examples of movies and documentaries we may watch are Glory, The Pianist, and 13th.