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EOC and CTE Testing Update

Per the NC ESSA Plan End-of-Course (EOC) exams are to be given in a school-sanctioned site under secure conditions. 

We encourage all students in grades 9-12 to participate in and to do their best on the upcoming Career and Technical Education (CTE) and (EOC) Assessments.  

Traditional high schools will be administering EOC and CTE assessments March 8-March 11. Individual high schools will notify students of schedules, including transportation.  

Per the North Carolina legislature, the results of EOC tests and CTE Post-Assessments will count as 20 percent of a student’s final grade in each high school course for which there is a Post-Assessment. During these unprecedented times of the pandemic, Cumberland County Schools is adjusting the 20% procedure.  It is the CCS belief that one test, including the state assessment, score should not be the only reason a student potentially fails a course.  For this reason, the 20% EOC/CTE X1 (exam score) has been adjusted for the Fall 2020 Exams.

Please note, the exam score cannot cause a student’s final average to drop.

  • If a student takes the test, the score used for the exam grade cannot be below a 60.  

  • If the exam score is lower than the student’s current average, the current average will be used for the exam grade.  

  • Note: If a student takes an exam, the exam cannot cause a student's average to drop.  

  • If a student does not take the exam, the exam grade will be a 50. 

  • Note:  A student that does not take the exam, cannot receive a score lower or higher than a 50.