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  • Grades 6 – 8

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    At Anne Chesnutt Year-Round Middle School we are “Connected for Excellence.” Our mission is to have a school where all students feel safe; a school in which students know that teachers, administrators and support staff care about them; and a school in which excellence in academics is the norm and not the exception. We accomplish this mission by ensuring that there is a positive emotional climate throughout the building. Our teachers have organized, academically rigorous and meaningful lessons that actively engage all learners. Students and parents receive continuous feedback on behavioral and academic performances.

    In order to support this mission our students have a prescribed code of dress and follow a year-round schedule. This schedule enables our students and teachers to work hard for nine weeks and then take two- or three-week breaks in between. Our year ends the same time as the traditional schedule but our summer is shorter which allows for greater retention of concepts taught the previous year. Thus, teachers spend less time re-teaching old concepts at the beginning of the year.

    We are eager to help your student be successful! If you would like more information about Anne Chesnutt Year-Round Middle School, please call the school or stop by for a visit.


    If you are visiting our school to discuss a certain issue pertaining to your child, please be prepared to fill out the following form in the office so that we may better assist you with your concern.