Staff Directory

Administration & Office Staff

Name Title Email
Blanding, Regina Principal
Elliott, Kenneth Assistant Principal
Gilas, Jaime Assistant Principal
Hodges, Stephanie Administrative Assistant/Discipline Clerk
Culbreth, Jelette Receptionist
Purdie, Jennifer Bookkeeper
Ivery, Anita Registrar/Data Manager
Ratley, Michelle Cafeteria Manager
Maxwell, Rodney Head Custodian
Ray, Angela Medicine Clerk

Support Staff

Name Title Email
Williams, Stanley R. Guidance Counselor
Chandler, Lenora Guidance Counselor
Williams, John Social Worker
Newman, Camille ELA Instructional Coach
Mathias, Tanja EC Case Manager
Stanley, Crystal SED Resource
Kelly, Mattie EC Resource Teacher
Melvin, Abigail EC Resource Teacher
Pendleton-Brown, Dr. Saroya EC Co-Op Teacher
Coleman, Michele ID Moderate Teacher
Steward, Michele Teacher Assistant
Sandidge, Sheila Teacher Assistant
McPherson, Jamaica Teacher Assistant
Spells, Karen ID Moderate Teacher
Stewart, Amber Teacher Assistant
Fulmore, Charity School Psychologist
Kennings, Carolyn AIG Consultant
Diaz, Marlene ESL Teacher
Bolanos-Anavisca, Oscar School Resource Officer
Grant, Benjamin Safe School Coordinator
Scales, James Restorative Justice Teacher
Sizemore, Beth School Librarian/Web Manager

6th Grade Explorers

Name Title Email
Laughlin-Orr, Lori 6th Grade English Language Arts
Freda, Kate 6th Grade Math
Howell, Keri-Ann 6th Grade Social Studies/Science Teacher

6th Grade Navigators

Name Title Email
Simmons, Renata 6th Grade English Language Arts
Melvin, Mariana 6th Grade Math Teacher
6th Grade Social Studies/Science Teacher

7th Grade Falcons

Name Title Email
Hamilton, Darryl 7th Grade English Language Arts
Williams, Tiffany Math Instructional Coach
Kennings, Mari 7th Grade Science Teacher
Hyatt, Brandon 7th Grade Social Studies

7th Grade Hawks

Name Title Email
Whittington, Beth 7th Grade English Language Arts
Caras, Maria 7th Grade Math
Davis, Brittany 7th Grade Science
Ronson, Shea 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher

8th Grade Danes

Name Title Email
Hadley, Rebekah 8th Grade English Language Arts
8th Grade Math
Jensen, Johanna 8th Grade Science
Whittington, Tracy 8th Grade Social Studies

8th Grade Kings

Name Title Email
King, Michelle 8th ELA Teacher
Branton, Diana 8th Grade Math
Cook, Stacy 8th Grade Science
Bell, Eric 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher


Name Title Email
Becton, Donzella CTE Teacher
McGhee, Michael CTE Teacher
Ingram, Paul Band Director
Ray, Michele Orchestra
Thompson, Marlon Art Teacher
Leonard, Janeice 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade CTE (Agriculture)
Williams, Venita 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade STEM Teacher
Arboleda, Lisbeth Spanish
Barbour, Scott Health/PE
McFayden, Matthew Health/PE
Sensenich, Holly Jo Health/PE