Afterschool Clubs


  • The Virtual Art Club students will experience the creative process and the joy of art making in a  virtual studio environment. The sessions will be hands on and will feature creative thinking, individual expression, and experimentation. This club is sponsored by Ms. Caldwell and Ms. Webb.


  • Students are learning computer science on, a fun, creative platform for learning computer science and basic coding to create interactive animations, games, or apps. This club is sponsored by Ms. Gilliam and Ms. Williams.


  • The purpose of the Debate Club is to learn effective ways to communicate and argue a point. Students who love sharing their opinions and feelings and students who want to be better speakers and listeners will learn fun informational ways to debate a point. This club is sponsored by Mr. Hanna and Ms. Hinton.

Little Chefs

  • Little Chefs Club is a fun and exciting way to tap into a students’ culinary creativity. Students will be inspired to safely and creatively express their love for being in the kitchen  Students will also make connections with other students who love to cook. Bon Appetit! This club is sponsored by Ms. Faison and Ms. Stokes.

Men of Promise

  • The Men Of Promise is a mentoring program for young boys in the 3rd thru 5th grade. These are Westarea Elementary students are mentored by community leaders and by members of our staff. The students and the mentors work on several activities and events throughout the school year. This club is sponsored by Mr. Goslee and Mr. Hollingsworth.


  • Westarea Elementary students with a parent on active duty in the military are invited to join our club for support, to make new friends, and to go on virtual trips to meet military members! This club is sponsored by Ms. Ohls and Ms. Owens.

Sign Language

  • The Sign Language club is one that will engage the students in learning how to communicate nonverbally by using the American Sign Language. This will include learning basic greetings, songs and phrases in ASL. This club is sponsored by Ms. Forbes and Ms. Whitfield.