Welcome Military Connected Families

  • Cumberland Academy Virtual School is a Purple Star School and has a Student 2 Student Club 
    We would love to assist you. We would be happy to give you or your child a brief/tour of our virtual school and its resources to make your transition smooth. Our Student 2 Student members are here to team up with you or your child and assist with their transition in or out of our school.
    We are here for you. 

    Student 2 Student CAVS Contact Information 

    Montre Mbachu 
    School Counselor 
    Student 2 Student Sponsor 


    Erica Gordon 
    School Counselor 
    Junior Student 2 Student Sponsor 
    Purple Star Point of Contact 


    Student 2 Student District Contact Information 

    Carlos Swan , MSW 
    Military Student Support Specialist 



    Military Child Education Coalition 

    Student 2 Student 



    Veterans Day Parade NOV 2021

    Group of students and staff holding Cumberland Academy 6-12 banner for Veterans Day Parade November 2021   Group of Cumberland Academy 6-12 students and staff with Student 2 Student banner