Trunancy Mediation Council

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    Pamela Story, Coordinator

  • One Meeting, One Plan, One Child. The North Carolina Compulsory Attendance Law, NCGS 115C-378,  holds parents accountable for the regular school attendance of children enrolled in NC Public Schools.  Poor school attendance is typically an indicator of issues in the home, the school, or the community that are creating a barrier to the child's academic success.

    The Truancy Mediation Council (TMC) was created to assist families who desire support in assuring the regular attendance of their children.  More specifically, it is designed to provide at least one more formal opportunity for children and families, community stakeholders, and school personnel to meet in a neutral setting, to develop a plan for regular school attendance, and to divert North Carolina Compulsory Attendance violations from district court.

    For more information about the TMC view the following brochure: