Student Accident Insurance

  • Student Accident Insurance Voluntary Membership in a group accident insurance program is made available to students each school year. Participation in the plan is voluntary and made available through school publications annually and parents are urged to purchase it for their children.

    If you don’t already have accident insurance for your child, Cumberland County Schools has contracted with Markel and AJ Gallagher to offer coverage, which you may purchase at their website anytime during the school year.

    • Voluntary student accident insurance is “primary” insurance, meaning it pays even if you have other medical insurance.
    • While you may purchase coverage anytime during the year, the cost will be the same.
    • Cumberland County Schools provides limited secondary accident insurance coverage for high and middle school athletes.  Primary coverage for your child is still recommended.
    • Cumberland County Schools' general liability insurance excludes student medical expenses unless it can be shown that the school system or district acted negligently.
    • Voluntary Student Accident Insurance is recommended by the school board policy.

    For questions about Cumberland County Schools, voluntary insurance coverage, call the service broker, Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk at 1-877-345-8928.

    Policy Code: 4220 Student Insurance Program

    Group Accident Insurance

    Membership in a group accident insurance program will be made available to students each year.  In arranging for this insurance, the board will make every reasonable attempt to identify a company offering comprehensive insurance at economical rates.  Participation in the plan shall be voluntary.  Information on the plan will be made available through school publications annually and parents shall be urged to purchase it for their children.

    Insurance for Sports and Other High-Risk Activities

    The Board authorizes the superintendent to make available insurance for the protection of students who participate in interschool athletic competition or other high-risk activities.  Students who choose to participate in programs that may have a higher risk of physical injury than most school activities, including off-site internship programs, football and other interscholastic sports, are required to have accident insurance through the group plan or comparable coverage against bodily injuries sustained while participating in such activities or programs.  The superintendent may designate other activities, including certain school trips, as requiring accident insurance.   No student shall be permitted to participate in such designated programs or activities without accident insurance as specified in this policy unless the student's parent or guardian has signed a form releasing local school officials and the Cumberland County Board of Education from any liability for accidents or injuries to the student.

    Purchase of any insurance offered by the board constitutes an agreement between the student and/or parent and the insurance company.  The school system is not a party to this agreement.  The school system does not assume any contractual responsibility for expenses not covered by insurance.

    The Cumberland County Board of Education shall not be liable for any injuries or other form of accidents that may arise out of the course of any student activities or school-related activities.