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  • Every school in CCS has a Student Services Team (SST) in place.  The SST is a regular education process to address and resolve barriers to teaching and learning.  The SST consists of educators from a variety of professional backgrounds such as counseling, social work, psychology, speech and language pathology, health, school administration, and regular education and special education teachers.

     The SST uses a three-tier intervention process to empower teachers, parents, and students to address academic, medical, behavioral/emotional, and/or other problems.  Specifically, the SST assists the referring teacher and parent/guardian to develop an appropriate intervention plan and to collect data on the student’s response to the intervention.   Interventions are research-based and typically are implemented for 4-6 weeks.

    Through the SST process, educators actively collaborate with the referring teacher and parent/guardian to examine all of the data collected about student performance for educational purposes.  The SST process may result in either of the following decisions:  continuation of the interventions to allow the child to be successful in the regular education class or referral for more in-depth evaluation which could lead to consideration for special education or Section 504 services.

    For more information, contact your child’s school and request to speak with the SST Chair or the Section 504 Coordinator.

    What is a Research-Based Intervention?
    Interventions provide direct, explicit instruction directed at increasing skills levels by actively involving the student. Interventions include methods such as providing additional instruction, change of instruction (i.e., teaching a different or additional reading program), or a specific behavior modification program.
    Effective interventions increase the intensity of instruction by:

    • Increasing instructional time.
    • Decreasing the number of children in instructional groups.
    • Improving the quality of instruction.
    • Increasing the frequency of instruction by giving more opportunities for re-teaching, review, and supervised practice.
    • Focusing on the most essential learning needs (the underlying skill deficit).
    • Providing explicit and systematic instruction.

    Where do I find Research-Based Interventions?
    Some schools have purchased research-based supplemental programs and the SST may choose to provide instructional interventions using those programs.

    Helpful Links: The following websites also provide guidance on research-based interventions:

    Reading, Writing, Math, Behavior:


    Reading, Math, Writing

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