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  • eBooks are available in our schools. Enjoy 24-7 access 365 days a year!

    eBooks open up new possibilities for learning. They can turn a laptop into a library, an interactive whiteboard into an instrument for deeper understanding and a single book into a shared learning experience. eBooks provide a novel, powerful approach to reach your child. They help you engage students in reading and comprehension exercises, boost their interest in new topics, and provide real-life examples of lessons, both in the library and the classroom.

    What is an eBook?

    eBooks can be used in two ways: You and your child can access them online from anywhere and make use of the built-in dictionary and integrated search tools. Or, you can download and view eBooks offline, which reserves the eBook for a set circulation period, and allows the use of the search, highlighting, note-taking and copy/paste/print features as permitted by the publisher. 

    How to view eBooks?

    Under the Explore link, you will see a blue link to access the book. These may require a username and password that you can get from your school librarian.
    You may see an icon on the left of the page that says: Read online – just click that link. This is a Follet eBook. Follett also has an App that you can download called Follett Shelf.

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    How Do I Access eBooks for my child?

    It’s easy to just go to Destiny software. Destiny Library Catalog1. Find your school
    2. Select the catalog tab
    3. Where it says format use the pull-down menu to select eBooks
    4. Leave the find box and leave it blank (to see all the eBooks available)


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