Battle of the Books

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Elementary BOB

  • EBOB

    Winners for 2019-20 District:

    1st Place –  Howard Hall Elementary School
    2nd Place –  District 7 Elementary School
    3rd Place – E. Melvin Honeycutt Elementary School

    Cluster 1:
    1st Place – District 7 Elementary School
    Coaches: Alison Shirley & Bruni Garcia
    Principals: Cathryn L. Helms

    2nd Place – E. Melvin Honeycutt Elementary School
    Coaches: Alison Perry & Catherine Thompkins
    Principal: Lori Mueller

    Cluster 2:
    1st Place – College Lakes Elementary School
    Coaches – Wendy Chestnut & Kathy Moore
    Principal – Jackie White

    2nd Place – Long Hill Elementary School
    Coaches: Margie Smith & Katie Busbey
    Principal: Monica Carter

    Cluster 3:
    1st Place – New Century International Elementary School
    Coaches: Lorraine Schneider & Brandi Picciano
    Principal: Brady Davis

    2nd Place -Sunnyside Elementary School
    Coaches: BJ Johnson & Renae Morales
    Principal: Sheri Bain

    Cluster 4:
    1st Place – Howard Hall Elementary School
    Coach: Lynn Kientz
    Principal: Erica Fenner-McAdoo

    2nd Place – Armstrong Elementary School
    Coaches: Leslie Koch & Amy Jones
    Principal: Ardy Adams

    Cluster 5:
    1st Place – Eastover-Central Elementary School
    Coaches: Sonya Register & Taylor Register
    Principal: Ashley Porter

    2nd Place – Ashely Elementary School
    Coach: Chris Fields
    Principal: Tiffany Fogelquist

Middle BOB

  • MBOB

    Winners for 2019-20
    1st Place – Gray’s Creek Middle School
    Coach: Mary Ellen Oxendine
    Principal: Mark Pepper

    2nd Place – 71st Classical Middle School
    Coaches: Mary Potter & Jennifer Finch
    Principal: Patricia Ramos

    3rd Place – Hope Mills Middle School
    Coach – Beth Sizemore
    Principal: Yolanda Epps

    4th Place -Max Abbott Middle School
    Coach: Craig Wilson
    Principal: Carla Crenshaw

    5th Place – John Griffin Middle School
    Coach: Donna Pope
    Principal: Tommy Dent

    Most Improved Tie: – Luther Nick Jeralds Middle School
    Coach: Barbara Melvin
    Principal: Joy Williams

    Most Improved Tie: – Spring Lake Middle School
    Coach: Vanessa Steffen

High BOB

  • High BOB