Homebound Services and Information

  • All students referred for homebound instruction must be a resident of Cumberland County and enrolled in their school of attendance. Students will remain enrolled on the campus of attendance and continue to receive instructional services from school until homebound eligibility is determined.

    If a student is expected to be confined for a minimum of 4 weeks or longer for medical treatment or recuperation, they may be eligible for this program.

    Medically-related homebound services are provided for students who are unable to attend school due to medical reasons. Homebound is not designed to take the place of the traditional school setting and it is our goal to return students to class as soon as medically possible. Assignments, textbooks, and instructional materials are provided by the student’s classroom teachers. Students are responsible for completing the required coursework, projects, exams, End Of Course tests/End Of Grade tests, and other assessments required for course credit.

    Students who are approved for homebound services may receive up to two sessions weekly. This determination is based on individual needs, attention span, and the medical/physical condition of the student. For students with disabilities, the frequency and duration of services are determined by the IEP team and the Office of Health Services.

    Pregnant students are expected to attend school up to delivery unless documented medical information prohibits school attendance. Students should plan to return to school two weeks after delivery unless there is a documented medical delay. In most cases, pregnant students do not require homebound services.

    For additional guidance regarding Cumberland County Schools’ Homebound program, contact your child’s school.

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