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  • The Residency Program has the same concept as Lateral Entry by having you enter the classroom while completing coursework and testing to obtain a full license. Follow the steps below to see if you qualify for a Residency License?

    Printer Friendly Version-Residency License-What is it and do I qualify?

    Printer Friendly Version-Residency License Qualifying Grid 

    Step #1:
    Identify if you pre-qualify 

    1. Bachelor’s Degree with 24 semester hours completed in the teaching area.
    2. The overall GPA on the official Bachelor’s transcripts show 2.7 or higher.
    3. Degree from an accredited college.

    • The new Residency Program no longer requires a relevant degree. This is different from the old Lateral Entry Program. Licensure will review your transcripts for 24 semester credit hours in the area you are seeking to teach.
    • For those seeking Elementary Education K-6 or EC: General Curriculum K-12,  Licensure is reviewing for 24 semester credit hours among Math, Science, English, Social Studies (2 courses each subject). 

    If you answered yes to the 3 questions, click on the link below and please read further for more information. Please know this does not guarantee approval – it only means the preliminary requirements have been met and can move onto Step #2 of the process. 

    Step #2:

    Complete your application online in TeacherMatch with the help of the Residency Application Instructions.

    Step #3: 

    Upload three documents listed to determine Residency approval. Incomplete information can delay this process.

    1. Transcripts- Needed Document - Upload into your application 
    • Official “degree dated” transcripts of all colleges/universities including transferred classes. Unofficial transcripts are unacceptable.
    • PDF format, no Microsoft Word, with entire border visible, registrar signature and date.
    • If you are currently employed with CCS and have submitted transcripts, it is possible HR will request another copy for clarity.
    • Incomplete folders will be maintained for 90 days and after which all documentation will need to be resubmitted.
    • All submitted documents become the property of Cumberland County Schools.


    1. Testing- Needed Document (if you’ve taken a Licensure test)
    • Upload a clear copy into your application of any testing you may have completed. Examples could be Praxis testing, Pearson tests, NTE, or other states testing, include all attempts, pass or fail.
    • If you are already in an Alternative Licensing Program with another NC LEA or state, please submit all documentation showing your progress towards the completion of the program. Include your Plan of Study.
    • If you had a previous NC Teaching License in Lateral Entry- make sure to upload a copy of the paperwork even if it’s already expired.
    • Additional Docs To Upload: Include the FTCC Effective Teacher Training certificate.