Meet the Team

Name Title Phone Number Email
Shirley Bolden, MSA Director of Health Services (910) 678-2406
Elizabeth Bush Administrative Assistant (910) 678-2406
Janet Colvin, RN Lead Nurse (910) 678-7385
Cassandra Stroud Malloy, MS HPER Healthful Living Facilitator (910) 678-7014
EC Nursing Staff (910) 678-7385
Edrica DellaMonica Homebound Teachers (910) 678-2419
Jennifer Reynolds Homebound Teacher (910) 678-2419
Amy-Jo White Homebound Teacher (910) 678-2419
Ryan Covert Adapted Physical Education Teacher Seventy-First, South View, and Westover Attendance Areas
Crystal Waddell Adapted Physical Education Cape Fear, Douglas Byrd, and Jack Britt Attendance Areas
Jonathan Waddell Adapted Physical Education Teacher Gray's Creek, Pine Forest, Terry Sandford, and EE Smith Attendance Areas
LaTeashia Brown-Crite Health Services Clerk (910) 475-1199