CCS Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

  • CCS Parent Advisory Council (PAC)
    Cumberland County School District
    2465 Gillespie St, Fayetteville, NC 28306
    Ayanna Richard, Executive Director
    John A. McMillan, Director
    Phone: 910-678-2440
    Fax: 910-678-2620



    Children holding hands Empower and connect families and educators to ensure student with disabilities can develop to their full potential and serve as members of the community.
    Advocating for all students with special needs.
    Building trust, understanding and networking within the community.
    Provide feedback on programs that are implemented to meet the needs of all students.
    Improve relationships with parents throughout the county.



    Misson The mission of the Special Education Parent Advisory Council is to ensure Cumberland County Schools provide high quality educational services/programs to students with disabilities while also preparing students to become productive and responsible members of their community.


    • Offer parental trainings to ensure that parent’s know their rights and IDEA
    • Assist parents/families with transitions after high school.
    • Provide information on services that are available for parents who have children with special needs.
    • Offer sharing sessions to address issues that are affecting all students with disabilities.
    • Share ideas to parent’s how to play an active role in their child’s education.
    • Provides to communicate regularly.
    • Ways to increase student involvement.

    Who can be on the Advisory Board?

    • Parents of children with special needs
    • Teacher
    • Administrations
    • Community Partners

    Please access the following link to enter your information to become a member of the CCS Parent Advisory Council
    CCS Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

    • Quarterly Meetings
    • Monthly Newsletters
    • Sharing Sessions
    • Parent Trainings
    • Community Involvement


Contact Us

  • Exceptional Children's Services
    2465 Gillespie Street
    Fayetteville, NC 28306
    Phone: (910) 678-2440
    Fax: (910) 678-2620

    Ayanna Richard
    Executive Director
    John A. McMillan