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  • Words of Inspiration from Graduation:
    “In an era dominated by social media, where validation is sought through likes and influencers wield tremendous sway, it is paramount to cultivate self-awareness. Let us safeguard our mental well-being from the precarious notion that our worth hinges on digital approval. As you transition into the next phase of your journey, do not seek likes; you need love. Love yourself.”
    - Dr. Tremaine Canteen, Principal

    “So to my fellow graduates, I implore you - have the courage to relentlessly chase your passions, even if the path seems difficult and lean into the fear of making mistakes. Do not let the unfavorable feeling of being wrong deter you, but analyze your missteps as opportunities. Let your goals serve as your lighthouse that navigates you through your storms.”
    - Jaelyn McKoy, Valedictorian

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    Graduating Class of 2024 at Cumberland Academy Virtual School: Top Accomplishments

    As we celebrate the achievements of the Graduating Class of 2024 at Cumberland Academy Virtual  School, we are proud to highlight the outstanding accomplishments and future plans of the 54 graduates.

    This year, the graduates' outstanding accomplishments include:

    • receiving over $1 million in scholarships to various colleges and universities, including one of five of the prestigious Wright’s Scholarship

    • a student graduating from Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) with an Associate of Arts degree

    • students earning certificates in Healthcare Administration and Natural Haircare from FTCC

    • students being admitted to NC Governor’s School, participating in the LEDA Scholarship Program, earning the Gates Scholarship and being published in Sports Illustrated

    • volunteering over 500 hours for Fayetteville Cumberland County Parks and Recreation

    • post-secondary plans that include attending Methodist University to study Computer Information Technology with a minor in Digital Forensics

    These graduates exemplify the dedication, hard work, and community spirit that Cumberland Academy Virtual School strives to instill in all of its students. We are confident that they will continue to achieve great things in their future endeavors.

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