Help in Hope's "Me in You" Mentorship Program

  • Mission, Vision and Philosophy:

    • Our mission is motivate and empower transitional age youth (13-21) with knowledge, skills and connections to improve their quality of life.
    • Our vision is to enhance the resilience of youth and their families with programs that promote holistic wellness, goal attainment and fosters positive connections for fulfilling lives.
    • Our philosophy is to nurture genuine, non-judgemental and authentic relationships that fosters connections, elicits hope and empower change. 


    • Improved Resiliency Skills
    • Increased ability to set and achieve realistic goals
    • improve family, peer and community relationships
    • Increased confidence and self-worth

    Mentorship Program:

    • 6-week structured virtual program
    • 90-120 minute group sessions
    • Start date June 2021
    • Co-facilitated sessions
    • Participant incentives and certificate upon completion

    Topics May Include:

    • Self-care
    • Physical Health
    • Social Health
    • Mental Health
    • Goal Setting and Decision-Making Skills
    • Studying and Test Taking Skills
    • Resume and Interviewing Skills
    • Vocational and College Expectations
    • Life Skills and Time Management
    • Leadership and Mentorship

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