Ways to Get Involved

  • Parent Teacher Associations

    Cumberland County Schools support teaching and learning as a team effort in preparing our children for the future.  Parent involvement is a critical component of student academic achievement and school improvement. The common goal is to establish a collaborative partnership between the home and school to support learning for all students in the public school community.  Decades of research from the National Parent Teacher Association show when parents are involved students have:

    • Higher Grades, Test Scores, And Graduation Rates
    • Better School Attendance
    • Increased Motivation, Better Self-Esteem
    • Lower Rates Of Suspension
    • Decreased Use Of Drugs And Alcohol
    • Fewer Instances Of Violent Behavior

    National PTA

    NC PTA 

    Serve as a Parent Volunteer

    There are numerous opportunities to serve as a parent volunteer in Cumberland County Schools.

    • Assist teachers in the classroom
    • Volunteer in the office, media center, computer lab
    • Volunteer for special programs, field trips, and seasonal events
    • Become a member of the School Angels Watch program to ensure the continued safety of all students and staff and the security of our buildings and facilities.
    • Serve as a career resource or guest speaker
    • Volunteer to assist with coaching, club sponsorships, and extracurricular activities

    Contact the school principal or teacher for more information.

    HomeBase Parent Portal Ensure Communication Between Home and School is Regular, Two-Way, and Meaningful

    Cumberland County Schools offers a minimum of two formal parent-teacher conferences per year; however, conferences between parents and teachers are encouraged on a regular basis.  Contact your child’s teacher by phone, note or e-mail to request a conference.

    Schools provide newsletters, report cards, progress reports, testing schedules, clubs and activity calendars, etc. on a regular basis. Calendars and Report Card Schedules are available to view and print.

    Home Base is a statewide student information system that replaced NC WISE. Home Base Parent Portal offers tools for parents, students, teachers, and administrators.

    Town Hall Meeting Participate in Parenting Skills and Informational Sessions

    Cumberland County Schools provides many opportunities at the individual school sites for parent training and assistance.

    Sample skill sessions include but are not limited to:

    • Cumberland Family Academy Workshops
    • How to help your child with homework
      Learning about the curriculum on curriculum nights
    • Dealing with Adolescence Behavior
    • Technology, AR, Study Island, Reading Counts, Scholarship information and other programs parents can access at home

    Contact the school principal, School Improvement Team Chairperson or Parent Facilitator for more information.

     Parental Leave

    Parent involvement is an essential component of school success and positive student outcomes. NC Department of Labor's Parental Leave stipulates that employers shall grant four hours per year leave to any employee who is a parent, guardian, or person standing in loco parentis of a school-aged child so that the employee may attend or otherwise be involved at that child's school. 

    • The leave shall be at a mutually agreed upon time between the employer and the employee.
    • The employer may require an employee to provide the employer with a written request for the leave at least 48 hours before the time desired for the leave.
    • The employer may require that the employee furnish written verification from the child's school that the employee attended was otherwise involved at that school during the time of the leave.

    NC Department of Labor Parental Leave

    Town Hall Meeting Participate in School Decision-Making and Advocacy

    Parents are encouraged to become full partners in the decisions that affect children and families. Cumberland County Schools provide many opportunities at the district level and individual school site for parent advisory involvement.

    • Attend School Board Meetings
    • Participate in Cumberland Family Workshop Sessions
    • Participate on The School Improvement Team (SIT) as a parent representative
    • Serve on the PTA or PTO Board
    • Join the School Parent Advisory Team
    • Represent your school at District Parent Advisory Team (D-PAT) Meetings.

    Contact the school principal, School Improvement Team Chairperson PTA/PTO officers or Parent Facilitator for more information.

    Information is available at the school to include but is not limited to the following upon request:

    • The School Improvement Plan
    • Qualifications of your child's teacher
    • Professional development opportunities for teachers and assistants to ensure highly qualified personnel
    • Opportunities for parent involvement and input
    • The Cumberland County Schools Improvement Plan
    • The Cumberland County Title I Parent Involvement Plan and School-Parent Involvement Plan
    • Cumberland County System Report Card
    • School Report Card
    • Contact your child’s principal or teacher for more information on what you as a parent can expect.

    Participate as a Community Resource To Strengthen our Schools, Families, and Student Learning

    • Participate as a school business partner
    • Participate as a District Sponsor for various events
    • Become involved in the Communities In Schools Program 

    Contact the school principal or the Cumberland County Schools Communication Department at 910-678-2303 for more information.