Military Family Advisory Council

  • The Military Family Advisory Council (MFAC) aligns with the district’s Strategic Plan to promote an Exceptional Environment and Committed Community for students, staff, and families. In particular, the MFAC seeks to cultivate an environment that is welcoming and empowers military-connected families by addressing concerns or challenges. The overall goal is to ease anxiety for our military families in our community and schools. The MFAC meets quarterly. 


    If you’d like to share information with the MFAC complete the following form. Share any challenges, concerns, and accolades that you have experienced in CCS as a military family. All submissions will be reviewed. However, there is no guarantee that your submission will be specifically addressed during the meeting. By submitting your information you are contributing to refining and improving the support and practices provided to military-connected students. For more information or questions about the MFAC, contact Dr. Stefanie Shook at 910-678-2454 or Mr. Carlos Swan, MSW at 910-312-1431.