Trauma and Loss Committees

  • Cumberland County Schools is working with the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children to provide student support personnel with the training, consultation, and trauma-specific resource materials needed to help children, families, and schools traumatized by violent or non-assaultive incidents. Trauma and Loss Committees (TLC) have been established with CCS' Student Support Services staff serving as the contact persons for the communication network. These teams are composed of Student Support Services staff that have attended the training and are available to respond when called upon by a school within the attendance area. 

    Some events that can induce trauma in children are:

    • Death of a teacher
    • Death of a faculty member or staff
    • Separation from a parent due to the parent’s substance abuse problems, physical/sexual abuse, neglect or abandonment
    • The murder of a sibling, parent, or friend
    • The witnessing of the killing of a sibling, parent, or friend, including the witnessing of a suicide
    • The discovery of a body
    • Witnessing a rape, physical abuse of a family member or friend
    • Death of a family member by fire, car accident, drowning, plane or train crash, or from a hurricane, tornado, flood, or earthquake
    • Terminal illness and death of a family member or peer
    • Divorce
    • Adoption
    • Symptoms deriving from national terrorist attacks
    • Neither witnessing nor being involved in any of the above but simply being a friend or peer of someone who has died, been killed, or committed suicide
    • Homelessness

    Taken from Kids on the Inside Looking Out after Loss, 2001

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