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School District's Cabinet Assistants Ensure Smooth Operation of Day-to-Day Functions

May 16, 2024

Special time was taken recently during Administrative Professionals Day to recognize the hard work and dedication of Cumberland County Schools' administrative assistants who support Superintendent Dr. Marvin Connelly, Jr., and the members of his Cabinet.

Combined, the 10 Cabinet Assistants bring more than 195 years of experience to Central Services. As a result, Dr. Connelly felt a Professional Learning Community (PLC) should be established among the Cabinet Assistants. Linda Caesar, Dr. Connelly's assistant, was charged with leading the team to increase their administrative skills to operating with 'professional excellence' in the workplace.

"Coming together builds camaraderie and fosters a supportive environment where each member can grow and thrive," said Caesar, who has worked as Dr. Connelly's assistant since 2022. "Our professionalism and commitment to excellence ensures the smooth operation of CCS' top leadership functions."

Since the formation of the PLC, Caesar remarked that all Cabinet Assistants have obtained certification and been sworn in as notaries for the State of North Carolina. She expressed her belief that this achievement underscores their dedication to professional growth and their commitment to community service.

Photo of CCS Central Services' Cabinet Assistants 

Photo of CCS Central Services' Cabinet Assistants













CCS' Central Services' Cabinet Assistants proudly pose for a photo with their notary certificate.
They are pictured as follows: Seated on the front row (l-r): Vernessa Johnson, Administrative Assistant of Academic Services; Samantha Sheppard, Administrative Assistant of Student Support Services; Linda Caesar, Board Clerk & Administrative Assistant of the Superintendent; Awilda Reyes, Administrative Assistant of Auxiliary Services and Pam Gallimore, Administrative Assistant of School Support ~ 
Standing on the back row (l-r): Laurie Pender, Administrative Assistant of Communications & Community Engagement; Elizabeth Bush,  Administrative Assistant of Business Operations; Sarah Britt,  Paralegal/Legal Assistant in the Board Attorney's Office; Debbie Perry, Paralegal/Legal Assistant in the Board Attorney's Office and Bobbi Jo Pova,  Administrative Assistant in Human Resources.