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Military Child Task Force - Flag with Statue of Liberty in the foreground
  • Realizing that student needs exist beyond the scope of the school system, the CCS created the Military Child Task Force. This task force boasts members from education, the military; as well as a variety of community, government, and service agencies. By bringing various agency representatives together, a forum is created that allows each person to better understand needs that exist and by working collaboratively better meet the needs identified. The task force work is the true embodiment of collaborative relationships working toward a common goal. One unintended result of the task force has been the ability for a problem or need to be articulated, substantiated, and then addressed through the eyes of the various agencies represented. This allows an issue to be viewed from a variety of angles and perspectives, each based on the specific area of service provided by the agency. As a result, it is possible for one agency to intervene to a point, knowing that others will also become involved and the services will not miss their target, as is common when multiple agencies are involved. In other words, service continuation occurs until the problem is solved or the needs are met, and often this is accomplished with a variety of agencies and or providers being involved.



  • Local Action Plan

  • Specific impacts on military children include:

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