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    Athletic Directors (AD), coaches, managers, trainers, and athletes are responsible for being sustainable on the practice field and playing field. Teams are responsible for collection and recycling just as the rest of the school does.  During games, green teams oversee the collection of recycling and proper disposal of food materials and trash preventing contamination. 

    Green teams working during athletic events should have team shirts, to identify themselves.  Perks for work should include free entry into the event and one drink or snack.  Working in shifts teaching the public to Recycle Right.  Removing full bins helps prevent overflow and contamination.

    Food contaminated materials are trash.  Empty bags of chips, snacks, pizza boxes, as well as candy are all trash.  Volunteers such as clubs can use policing the grounds after games toward community service. 


    Energy and water conservation is also the responsibility of AD's, coaches, managers, trainers, and teams just like the rest of the school. HVAC should be off or adjusted for empty facilities.  Field lights should not be on except during events and only within 30 minutes of sundown and turned off after the event.  Gyms should have lights off when PE classes are outside.  See below for water conservation requirements of field turf.

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